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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Louie85, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am getting a new phone before starting in May and was wondering what the network receptions are like at Sandhurst. I quite fancy an IPhone so The choice is O2, Voda and Orange.

    Any help from those in the know would be great.


  2. They said that o2 is the best for Old College, but generally it's not good for phone reception at all! When's your PCCBC mate?
  3. Old College is good if you lean out of a window while talking.
  4. Get your C/Sgt to answer the calls for you. He'll be like your very own PA.
  5. Even beter - ask the ASM - The Answering Service Major.

    Really useful guy who will quickly send you the right message! :D
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I managed on orange with the old out the window option...but that was almost 10 years ago now...hopefully it's got better.

  7. O2 with i phone worked for me in old college And afterwards but reception was a bit tricky in the chateau victoire. One tip no matter what phone you get is to get one of those Bluetooth headsets that people wear. Although you do have time in the evenings it's useful if you want to iron or bull your boots whilst having a lengthy conversation. Concurrent activity you see. Also it means you can leave your phone on the windowsill to make the most of the reception.
  8. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I found my iPhone on )2 had generally shite reception in most places, but given that it was turned off and left in my room when I was busy trotting round the place all day, it was not much of an issue.
  9. Cheers for the replies, might look at O2 then but I supposed there's always going to be a bit of luck involved!!

    It'll be nice having my C/Sgt as a PA, do I get to call him boy? As in "you boy, answer my phone". Life in the Army doesn't sound so bad after all!!

    Exwing, I'm on the last PCCBC starting next week, have you been on yours yet?

  10. On a mostly unrelated story (i.e. this didnt happen at sandhurst), I was once guard commander one sunday evening when a young soldier wandered into the guardroom with a bleeding cut on his head and said 'Corporal, I've been shot in the head!'

    And so he had! He had been leaning out of his window to get phone reception when some drunken morons in the accomodation block opposite him decided to shoot him in the head with an air rifle! The poor bugger still had a pellet lodged in i think!

    Why they where a) drunk on a sunday night (we used to have regimental PT monday morning, dark and early!) b) fcuking about with an air rifle in camp and c) thinking they could get away with it I do not know! They where in MOD Police cuffs in the guard room within the hour, one of em crying like a little girl.

    So, get the best phone you can because leaning out of the window can be dangerous!
  11. My bold - a well trained Colour will respond to a snap of your fingers. Tell him so on day 1.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's a general rule in the army that bases are placed in areas with poor or no mobile phone reception. The one exception I can think of was 1 Div HQ on Saif Sareea where they put up a mast in the middle of the desert, leading me to receive a phone call from my accountant in the middle of the GOC's evening conference call.
  13. O2 gets the best reception on most of the exercise areas as well.

    And by the gate in Nook camp (shudder).
  14. Fcuk me...that is something I thought (!) I had repressed as a memory!
  15. Should this be something to worry about? xD