RMAS in 5 months too ealry to start running with boots and combats?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Xoums, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. I have my place at the RMAS booked for Jan and my PCCBC in November. I just went to buy some standard issue(gore-tex) army boots and combats at the surplus store and thought it would be a good idea to start running with them now, not so much to soften the boots but more to harden my feet.....

    Is it too soon? And if I keep my boots in good shape ( clean, polished...) will I be allowed to bring them with me to the RMAS? I know its early to start doing stuff like this but I'm so bored at work, can't wait to hand in my resignation....

    On a more academic note, any good books you gents might recommend? (top shelf material excluded) I have started reading the seven pillars of wisdom by T.E. Lawrence and am really enjoying it, I tried "On war" but gave up.....

    Kindest regards,

  2. Well done on passing AOSB (or RCB as it was 'in my day'....a few weeks after the Relief of Mafeking if I remember).

    I'm sure that the Commandant's Reading List has been posted up on either the Officer's Thread or that devoted to matters literary.

    Allow me to recommend Bugles and a Tiger by John Masters and the MacAuslan books by George MacDonald Fraser.

    Although opinion is divided on it, The Junior Officer's Reading Club by Patrick Hennessey is worth a look.
  3. Congrats indeed,

    I would hasten to add that gore-tex boots are NOT standard issue. If you turn up with them, regardless of how well kept they are, I would not expect to be able to wear them if I were you.

    The standard issue ones, if you feel inclined to acquire a pair, would be great to break in before you turn up, anything else would be a waste of time. Goretex will not harden your feet, the extra heat they have by virture of insulation makes your feet sweat and get moist, this gives blisters for the uninitiated.
  4. This has made me very angry indeed, the salesman at the store assured me that they were standard issue...I would not of bought them had I known they were not, good thing I kept the receipt....Thanks for the heads up.

    I for one really enjoyed this book, albeit a bit selfish and not very focused on the actual men, I thought it was a good insight into a young officers mind and I felt that I could relate to his way of thinking and aspirations. It was uncensored, fast paced and accessible, and I thought it very much reflected the way of thinking of my generation ( or at least how I perceive it).
    Thanks for the book titles gallowglass I shall scurry off to my local bookshop and put in the order.


  5. Gore tex boots are standard issue as cold weather boots. Break them in if you want but make sure you walk in them a lot before you try running. If I were you I'd wait until after PCCBC and you've got your issued pair then concentrate on breaking them in. Prior to that enjoy life and get yourself fit through normal running and other bits.
  6. Xoums - before you storm in with all guns blazing, just be aware that he may have meant that they are issued boots - just not the standard, 'day one, week one' of basic variety.
  7. I agree with Timble,

    Rusty H, you're confusing the matter.

    All that matters in this context is that they are NOT the boots you get issued when you join the Army, they may well be the standard issue gore-tex boots but there is zero chance he/she will be able to wear them during the CC unless they have a doctors note.

    Take them back and ask him for the issue C95 (Combat Highs).

    or, as RustyH suggests, attend the pre CC briefing, get some issue boots for free and then try breaking those in before the start of the course.

    I will caveat that with saying, do not ruin your feet before you even turn up by beasting yourself about the place trying to make your boots all comfy. If your feet arent in very good nick when you get there, you will have problems. Better to turn up with brand news than busted feet I reckon.
  8. I too feel that I need to let ARRSE know that I passed Main Board, and I will be joining Xoums in January!
  9. You get them issued at pccbc so you'll have two months to break them in. The commandant was very specific that the only boots your allowed to wear are the ones you've been issued. So unless they are exactly the same as the ones you've brought it'll be a waste of money. No harm getting your feet used to boots if you've never worn them before though.

    I've broke mine in well enough in two weeks just by wearing them at work for eight hours a day and polishing everynight. I imagine this scenario is not feasible if you work as lifeguard.

    Xomus welcome to the longest five months of your life, which in the end will go by very fecking quickly. I'd worry more about how your going to use the remaining time as a civvie to it's full potential.

    Congrats on passing main board anyhow.
  10. To clarify, Officer Cadets do get issued the Gortex Winter boots during the CC (you are required to try a pair on for size at PCCBC). However, they are not the same as the standard ones issued for breaking in at the PCCBC, so a bit of a waste of money if you ask me since you'll be given the Gortex ones when the powers that be decide you should have them.
    Also, it is worth noting that at the PCCBC it was continuously stressed NOT to run in boots prior to starting the CC, in the same respect as not training with weight on.

    That's the 'official' line. Take it or leave it as you will.
  11. Thanks Torres,

    Well I will train with them once a week just to get a feel for running with boots and combats on.

    As for what I'm going to do between now and D-day....I'm going to keep working for a few months, if I can manage to keep it together, being a data monkey is really not much fun....
    Then I'm taking the last two months off to train ( a friend of mine just did his PCCBC a few weeks ago for the sept intake and got 7m48 on the run, I have to match his time.....)
    Then I plan to go on holiday with my girlfriend for a few weeks in the sun, maybe go diving in South East Asia, be beach bums for a few weeks. Then going trekking with my old man in Morocco or the Alps, leaning more towards Morocco though, starting the CC course in winter will be cold enough....


  12. Well done Xoums and Rhino, see you there in January!

  13. That's an interesting way of looking at it, could you expand a bit? I would have said that it was essentially his account of his time in the army and his experiences therein; quite hard to do that without focusing on himself. I don't think that could be called selfish as such, more the inevitable outcome of such a book. I certainly don't think he ignored the guys on the OMLT team he worked with in Afghanistan or indeed the Afghan soldiers in his book.

    If you read 'Sniper One' for example by Dan Mills he doesn't spend a great deal of time explaining how the officers role in the defence of CIMIC house; his book focusses on his platoon and the job he did. That's fair as well I feel.

    If you want something which deals with a wider view of the situation you'd be better to look somewhere like Richard Holmes 'Dusty Warriors' as he comes to the situation from the outside of it and so is able to give a better overview of the whole PWRR battlegroups tour of Iraq, from the perspective of everyone from the CO to the RSM down to the Private soldier, all of whom he spoke to for the book.
  14. Xoums

    Running in boots before you're properly prepared is a virtual guarantee of a deferral of entry resultant upon eg. shin splints or other similar. A quick search will throw up other threads which will tell you the same. When people who know, tell you not to do it, they're offering the results of hard-won experience. Now I know that you've spent money on your new toys, but be advised. Leave them in their box. You know better? You want to chance turning a January entry into May? You choose.

    Oh yes, congrats on passing.

    Old Rat
  15. Tallies with the view of an ex-RAMC doctor friend of mine. Years after leaving the army, she's still going on about all the soldiers she treated for tendon and other lower limb problems resulting from running in boots.

    Running in boots never did my legs any harm, but then I didn't do it very often :)