RMAS - how fit do you actually have to be?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Arfur, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. Apologies in advance for yet another Sandhurst thread - still, you old chaps seem to enjoy sharing your wisdom... A lot of the advice for Sandhurst contains the words, "be fit...". But in what way?

    I'm due to start on May 8th, but am getting a hard time from the medical team as my Body Mass Index is very high - about 29/30, needs to be about 27. I'm about 5'11" and 97kg. That said, I'm a front row forward in rugby, I've been into weight lifting since I was 16, and I'm very, very wide for my height.

    I know the basic fitness standards - I can do the push-ups and sit-ups in about 45secs, but I struggle slightly on the run. I can do it in the prescribed time, but I'm never going to be in the front rank of runners (to put it very mildly).

    I've been in the TA for 4 years, and I know I can do a four mile CFT without breaking sweat. I'm good carrying weight, yet RMAS still want me to lose about 5 to 10kg. Not going to be easy... Is this going to count against me?

    To simplify the query, is the fact that running isn't my strong point (although my distance stamina is good) going to be a massive problem? I'm a big, slow barsteward. Or will they just be grateful to have a good front-rower for the rugby team?
  2. Don't worry too much if your a bit tubby, there'll be worse than you. Get out and put some miles in as it will all pay off. Fitness is important so work hard at it and don't get the attitude of "I can pass the minimum so that's OK".

    More importantly, turn up with the right attitude and that will see you through.

    If you fitness isn't up to scratch, there's always "fat boys" PT to look forward to.
  3. Roger that, do a bit more running phys; there were always the fat but strong boys as I remember who just scraped a BFT pass. Make sure you can do the 1.5 miler in about 9.30 just to be sure - not that hard, let's be honest.

    You'll have no dramas carrying the weight on exercise/endurance races - the big boys are always good for that - concentrate on the flat, trainer runs. The rest comes at RMAS; you've got time, but do it now.

    As the Adj says, go in with a +ve attitude - your TA experience will definitely help you, but use it to help others. I was an Army virgin when I joined, and appreciated a lot of the help I got from my section at the start.

    Keep fit and keep smiling. Enjoy.

  4. I was at RMAS with a chap who sounds a bit like your build. Terrific guy, very good in the leadership and academic stuff, played in the Academy Rugby team. But he just couldn't summon up the speed to get a Green on his BPFA. As a Green is the minimum requirement for anyone commissioning from RMAS, he got binned in his final term.

    Commandant was most apologetic and they tried every way they could to get him through, but it just didn't swing.

    Moral of the story: make sure you can run 2.4km in under 10mins 30. Anything else is a bonus.

  5. I'm not sure which is worse really, I'm just under the BMI.

    Had the weights and "proper" diet going for three months now, it's working.

  6. Thanks for the word of warning. Was all green on my last TA BPFA so I should be OK, then. Just! Have got a perfect 2km square park to run around so am working on my times and doing some speed work too. Thanks to all for your advice.
  7. The great BMI test also classes me as FAT!! I passed RMAS as I was far fitter than most of my counterparts. Who ever tells you you need to be fit is technically incorrect. Yes you have to be able to run and all that kind of stuff. As you play Rugby you have dynamic speed rather than the wippet kind. You will also be able to carry plenty of kit!!!!
    So train and enjoy your course.
  8. If you are fat now (no excuses, fat is fat) you will probably slim down when you are a the academy. Then, when you hit real life again in a year's time, you will drink like a fish, pile on the pounds and look like an embarrasment in front of your men.

    Anyone who disagrees please post a reply but the evidence is in almost every mess in the Army. How many times do you hear of officers having their mess kit tailored smaller because they have lost so much weight? Mmm.

  9. Morning, I dont think the question was about being fat! It is about the BMI test score.
    Do you class the likes of Martin Johnson, Jonny Wilkinson as fat? No thought not.
    Most of the British Lions team which is due to tour this year will be classed as over weight.
    Before you class people as FAT you should check your info. Yes many messes have rotund people, but the BMI test was started in the 1960's which, if you are clued up on your history the average hieght and wieght is now totaly different.

    So for all you BMI FATTIES ignore the test and challenge the test by being fitter and stronger than the wippets!!!!