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Discussion in 'Officers' started by cheese, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering having watched what i thought was a very good documentary. I saw the OCdts departing for their final exercise with ptl packs and seemingly no bergens.

    How on earth do they do it? Do they also take bergens or just pack for a fight and to be a bit uncomfortable? They seemed to carry their whole kit round for the whole time...and she still had moisturiser...

  2. Patrol packs? We did it with belt kit and a washkit packed inside the pistol grip of the rifle.
  3. Bergans go on separate wagons

  4. Was this "solider girls" ?

    I've been trying to find it online, is it on 4 OD?
  5. Harder in my day obviously....except it was in the South of France and we had a full long weekend off at the end over Bastille Day!
  6. Harder in my day obviously....except it was in the South of France and we had a full long weekend off at the end over Bastille Day!
  7. Did mine in Cyprus at easter. Term before got somewhere in Scotland in december :twisted:

    Did a lot of attacks ptls etc, Bergans were cached after stand to and dropped off back at the harbours each night.
  8. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Spent mine doing NITAT training in Lydd as Cyprus was cancelled due to defence cuts. They also threw in a long night tab from Ascot to Minley and a few days on Minley Manor Training Area!
  9. Gosh I did mine at Vogelsang, nasty teutonic place, bergans were futuristic! And we had the SLR (dribble mumble)
  10. The bean counters cancelled Cyprus in my day too, and swapped it for Dartmoor - with a platoon attack up Yes Tor in the driving rain figuring in the memory bank. What larks!
  11. I got the Mull of Kintyre in August; not that it being summer made any difference it rained non stop everyday. The only time it stopped was for the Padre's parade before the final attack and then we wished for rain because the midge's were eatingus alive.

    Bergans incidentally were cached by the CQMS and returned as required.
  12. Pockets?

    The whole episode was an hour spent shouting at the telly. :x

    Cyprus, November, warm during the day - baltic at night.
  13. Canada - very poor exercise - might as well as stayed on Barossa, sometimes we carried bergans - sometimes they remained with the CQMS.

    Although I will take this opportunity to relay the only point of interest from the whole exercise:

    On the return journey from Alberta a refueling stop was required at Goose Bay, during the brief stop an overseas Cdt was unsure as to the precise location of Goose BAY and sought the advice of a Brit Cdt confident in the knowledge that the Brit would be able to enlighten him.

    Unfortunately said Brit was none too sure where we were at all, and having seemingly misheard the Pilot's announcement, proceeded to inform the overseas Cdt that we had stopped at Goose GREEN as it was British territory. He then went on to explain the history of Falkland Islands to our overseas chum so that he could truly appreciate how lucky we were to have this convenient refueling stop handily placed between Canada and RMAS.

    Sorry for wandering off thread but this incident came to mind when I saw the thread title.
  14. Sailsbury Plain. In December.

    To make matters worse PCD Final EX - Supposed to go to Kenya, Got a month in Gaerlochead, including a free swim in the loch at the Naval Base.

    It. Was. Minging.
  15. You poor, poor people, what bloody nightmare areas, not even a sun tan or duty free!