RMAS dross

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Condottieri, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. For my sins, I was discussing something on the RLC forum a while back under the impression that all the dross officers produced by RMAS headed to the RLC. I was informed that whilst the RLC did have its fair share, 'certain' infantry regiments took the lion's share (I would include a link to the thread but it doesn't seem to want to work).

    I did ask which were considered to be the 'certain' regiments but to no avail. So, I put it to you good people of the infantry forum to enlighten me.

    I have included a poll as well if easier (I haven't included Para as I know everyone will tick it out of spite!)

    Apologies for the regiments appearing pre-reorg, not by battalion and some by division too!
  2. Condottieri,
    You really do embrace the one Army concept, don't you?
  3. What a boring statement. An honest question democratically posed.
  4. Ooooh! A nibble!
  5. Ahh, I see - you're Condottieri baiting. Well done, now feck off.
  6. Well Condottieri, if you fail to shine at Sandhurst, where would you like to go when you pass out in 2007?
  7. Looking at the poll, I'm liking the look of the Guards or PWRR at the moment - I think I'd fit in well there. Of course, my thoughts could change...
  8. The bulk of Sandhurst dross gets binned.

    I'd be a proud and lucky man to hold a commission in any of the regiments in the poll.

    You cnut.

    I remain Sir etc.
  9. If you can successfully do the Sandhurst course you're not dross. Ask Barbs.
  10. Please re-read my opening post.
  11. More than a nibble...... I was dealing rather superficially with a question that was so asinine that it would normally fall into the catagory that usually screams "journo" and which rarely merits more than a fleeting insult - something that seems to come easily to you. Feck off indeed!. Fact: there are varying standards of emerging officers from the factory. Fact: some of them do not get to the regiment/corps of their choice. Further fact: some regiments/corps will take an at risk candidate if their allocation has not been met. Disputed fact: some of the less than wonderful aspirants will still go to the regiment of their choice for divers reasons, amongst which will still appear the fact that they have "interest". Now lets lard this damn thing up a little bit. Army officers are reputed to be recruited and/or selected from amongst the top 7 percentile of the population (If this is true, then weep for our nation). This would seem to rather defray the charge of "dross". Notwithstanding the groaning majority of graduate emergent 3rd Lts from the factory, implying that they are liely to be in their early 20s rather than late teens as was the norm in the past, they will still, in many cases, be developing personalities and may well grow into anything but "dross" - hence my previous comment regarding "at risk" candidates. Observation: I have had the dubious pleasure of meeting dross of all cap badges. There does not seem to be a single repository for the incompetant (RMP may now relax.)
    Oh heck. I've just wasted a few minutes of my rapidly reducing life span by saying, in a very long-winded way, "no" to your original. However, having done so, let me now swing my handbag in retaliation and invite you to also "feck off".
  12. Hilarious. A well-crafted response rickshaw that answered my question - I even had to look up the word 'asinine'. Yes I have the propensity (had to get the dictionary out so thought I may as well use it) to ask silly questions but as you said, I am still a "developing personality" so should be permitted some allowance of misjudgement no?
  13. You should worry about passing RMAS first :roll:
  14. Theres "developing" and theres "underdeveloped". Have a shufti at the other replies to your original question. They've been remarkably generous to the graduates of Camberley Grammar but do indicate a belief that you have to be moderately "able" to pass out. As you're still to do so, I urge you towards the Trappist tendency on the subject of dross - I'd hate an ARRSEr to be the Inf rep at RMAS and to recall that you listed his regiment as being one of the potential "dross" repository..... but I suspect that you would hate it even more....