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Discussion in 'Officers' started by RogueTrooper, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Anyone remember these dudes?

    Another post reminded me of a few things that went on, aside from the awesome Curry Nights behind the ranges.

    Anyone got any good or bad memories?
  2. All good! Though a Gurkha that has been told to "act like a rioter" can be a bit of a handful especially if the "handlers" are a way off...
  3. We held the "Sandhurst Revue" to celebrate the Commandant moving on to pastures new and each Coy had to make an entertaining submission.

    The GDC's involved three of their number dressing up as members of the female platoon (baloons under shirts, wigs and all) and staging their version of the section attack on stage.

    I damn near wet myself it was so funny. I was lucky enough to be at the dress rehearsal to see the whole thing, unedited. OMFG, I thought I was going to die! Sadly, they got censored for the opening night and for the last performance, when Comdt and all the VVIPs turned up, they got cut out entirely, but I swear I've never seen anything so funny.

  4. If Oscars were ever given for outrageous overacting of death scenes when caught in the kill zone, the GDC would nab them every year!
  5. I was there this summer for the TA course.

    It was about 0300 or so on the penultimate night of the first exercise. All the little Jack and Gills were slumbering, grateful for a few minutes of sleep. All of a sudden, trip flare goes off - mass confusion ensues - some firing back, signaller calling Zero (only 30m away with the HQ landie, one industrious fellow getting half way to the ERV before the DS told everyone to sack it off.

    Turns out the Gurkhas had got into the Harbour, and circulated around the track plan two or three times before disappearing. At least it shows the Sgt had done a good job of clearing all the twigs etc. They only got 'sprung' when exiting, and triggered a 'cunningly' placed flare.

    On one of the other exercises, I tried practising my extremely poor Nepali on them - usually when they had scattered themselves around their position after having been 'devastated' by a heroically placed grenade. Think they were more confused than I - must have been the equivalent of 'whose jacket is this elephant'.
  6. The curry nights are not to be missed, especially if you get there early enough to watch them behead the very-much, still live goat with an oversize kukri.
    Does anyone remember the RPs investigating the sound of a distressed horse in the warren stables, only to discover little "Johnny" standing on a cut-down barstool, servicing his favourite chestnut mare? 8O (early eighties)
  7. Reminds me of the "ambush" my Pl set up on Crychan's Challenge. We all fell asleep (DS included) and the GDC had to walk past three times before we noticed and opened fire. Third time they were singing.

  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Oh yes. I was there when that happened. Around about the same time as the heroin bust at the Redoubt.
  9. You were that mare :?: :oops:
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    No, I think I was Guard Commander in Victory College... but actually it was the groom who discovered the horse being shagged, having gone in to give it some medicine in the early hours.
  11. No, I either never heard of, or I've forgotten, about that. Who was involved, not cadets surely?
  12. :twisted:
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It was a Cav OCdt who was both using and dealing. The story was that it was picked up when he gave blood. The SIB had him under surveillance for several weeks and then raided the Redoubt on a Sunday morning - picking up a number of members of the WRAC Company in the process :D The next day the place was surrounded by tabloid hacks and we were hustled down to Churchill Hall for a 'woe is me' address from the Commandant. :lol:

    Surprise, surprise, the SIB managed to screw up their evidence and the OCdt in question - who, as a Trooper, had been working in his Regt stables - got acquitted at DCM and quietly discharged.