RMAS course length for ex ranks?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by TAB_ON, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Would anybody know what the course length for someone in the ranks, junior, be at RMAS? 44wks? or less?
  2. You do the entire full year course Tab_On. How does being an ex-ranker make you better than any of the other guys that will go through Sandhurst from civvie street? It doesn't - it makes you slightly worse cos Sandhurst has to unteach a lot of the balls you've been taught before hand.

    And yes...I WAS an ex-ranker too :)

  3. Yes - or you could take the view that as a JNCO you already have a amount of experience that your peers don't, and that you are expected to give some it back to the Army. I certainly didn't think I was 'slightly worse' than the guys and gals on my course.

    Good luck fella.
  4. Hmmm very interesting Adyf....maybe you were slightly worse but a bit harsh to tar everyone with the same brush. Egit!
  5. Speak for yourself about having learned crap. Surely if you have been in the Army a bit it will be to your advantage. Young officers come from training having learned all the theory but have to make the change to doing it for real, the same goes for all ranks/trades etc. So if somebody has been doing something for years in a way that works why does that put them at a disadvantage?
  6. I think AdyF was just making the comment that there's a large difference between what you're taught and what actually ends up happening. Certain drills are changed to SOPs or just for time expediance. From then having learnt your unit's SOPs and the little tricks and knowledge of what you can get away with not doing, nothing dangerous or compromising, you would then have to relearn this in it's purer form.

    So the comment may have just been stating that for a former ranker you may need to knock out these little bits of unit based wisdom so you can relayer all the by the book doctrine. Unlike with the Direct entrants who haven't learnt it or used it before. However DD is quite correct that any ex ranker should have a lot to contribute in many areas where word for word and action by action aren't expected.
  7. Actually Ant Phillip I now know where Ady may have been coming from.

    I too have seen the ex-rankers, and those who have done TA/UOTC, coming to Sandhurst giving it their "we used to do it this way CSgt" and just getting told to shut the fcuk up because they're no longer at their unit. And ex-rankers tend to be more arrogant because they've done how many years as a soldier....as a soldier YES but Officer NO. This is the main thing that makes them worse than the direct entry guys who come and take it all on board no question.

    So Ady sorry for my first comment....but you could have been clearer what you meant originally.

    Capt B
  8. I certainly didn't think I was 'slightly worse' than the guys and gals on my course.

    DD- I heard you were 'much worse'...
  9. You will be required to do the full course. There is of course the naus of starting at Day 1 Week1 but you will bring a lot to the party that will be valuable to the other OCdts. If you make yourself useful and helpful you will play a large part in getting your pl working together as well as demystifying the Army for some of the real military virgins.

    Hopefully later in the course when you may be struggling with certain aspects of the programme you will be able to get help in return from someone with less experience who might be quite good at something you are not. The course isn't as simple as CMS(R) then officer training - its all mixed together so there will be bits early on that are as valuable to you as they will be for a military virgin.

    In my intake all the Under Officers (nominated at the end of the course) had some prior military experience, the two in my pl were a TA 2Lt and a 1 PARA LCpl. I haven't drawn any conclusions from that.

    I hope that having to do the whole thing doesn't turn you off.