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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Buttmaster General, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. BBC News

    Pte Beharry VC opens a new block named after him at Sandhurst today. Nice gesture but the cynical 'old git' in me thinks there may be a 'PC' agenda here. Any thoughts?
  2. I thought you generally had to be dead before you get things named after you????
  3. In all honesty I think that it has more to do with Pte Beharry being "the first living soldier to be awarded the VC since 1969." I'm as cynical as the next person, but where heroism is concerned, colour, religion, sexual orientation and the rest of the normally divisive issues are immaterial. I would have agreed it was a PC issue had the new wing been named after a prominent peace campaigner, but as it is, having a wing named after such an inspirational character is a very good thing.
  4. What are you suggesting? That Pte Beharry is a member of a minority group? Well, let's see. He's a member of the British Army, that puts him a minority of about 100,000 and he has a Victoria Cross, which puts him in a minority of 1. If there is a PC agenda here then it's nice to see that a thoroughly deserving minority group is being honoured.

    Now fvck off.

  5. Yes I am with you on this it makes a nice change to hear about a proper hero being honoured in this way,great news
  6. I'm chuffed to bits that he has been recognised in this way. Maybe I've been trying to survive in Bliar's Britain for too long and I'm developing a 'PC' complex.
  7. Sandhurst naming a block after a............................Private Soldier!
    words never fail me folks.But it is an absolutely brilliant idea and it lets those jumped up priviledge brats called Occifer Cadets see who really does the real work in action.And don't just get medals for sitting in offices and signing their names on pieces of paper!

  8. Tea everywhere thanks a lot.

    Beharry is by all acounts a good soldier, a better man than me and I'll buy him a pint anytime.
  9. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As he's the only serving member of HM Armed Forces with a VC it is only fair and right that he should be honoured thus.

    Would you rather it had been Tony Blair Block?

    edited because I stupidly forgot to include my main point!
    I concur with your first sentiment. I violently disagree with your second. Why? Well, maybe chatting to a young Major recently, who had taken a pasting from the RPG that hit his Warrior glacis, causing injuries to head, eye, chest shoulder and hand made me take exception to it. Try and get it into your head that the officer cadets thsat you seem pathologically disposed against will soon be in operational theatres, the majority of oficers will serve, in some capacity, in operational theatres and only, when they are too old/senior, will they fly the mahogany bombers in Main Building and the like. Oh, and before you think of coming back to me on this one, yes I am an officer. I'm also an ex ranker who became a "jumped up priviledged officer cadet". Take a look back through as many campaigns as you like and see the dispropotionate percentage of casualties that offiers have provided because those "priviledged brats" have "served to lead". We all serve. We serve in different ways - and some serve as officers. Get over it.
  11. I don't think I could begrudge him anything.

    Here is a man that has displayed the best qualities of a soldier and a man. Bliar can sing about this guy all day long as far as I'm concerned. He should be seen as an example of why we have the best Armed forces in the world.
  12. Tartan Jock - you too appear to have a VC - vicious chip on your shoulder....

    I think this is a perfectly justified honour and if anyone in the world would not let it go to his head, then it would be Pte Beharry VC. Top show, don't let's spin or grip but be glad that for once credit has gone where it is due and that a member of the armed forces is recognised.
  13. I would remind you that one of those “jumped up privileged brats” had his life saved twice by Pte Beharry precisely because he was sharing the same risks. He and his fellow officers had enough guts to keep leading their men out on the ground during the most intense period of operations any battle group has experienced since Korea, and the moral courage to keep making decisions again and again that could have got him or any of his men killed.

    That’s what those “privileged brats” have to do. Feel free to step up to the crease any time if you think you are up to it.


    Edited to add "Cvnt".
  14. Why is he still a Pte?
  15. Tartanjock wrote "Sandhurst naming a block after a............................Private Soldier!"

    Excellent point! Perhaps it is an indication of an attitude change - less of the 'Officers and Other Ranks' - more of the 'All Ranks'. After all, RPGs do not recognise commissions!