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I know this has been covered in other posts, but none have yet answered where it explicitly states that provided an individual is serving on AFPS75 and was over the age of 21 when they started training at RMAS, that their service at RMAS counts as pensionable/reckonable service. The Pensions booklet MMP/106 AFPS75 Your Pension Scheme Explained dated Apr 08 states: "Reckonable service is the service which counts towards a members pension. For officers this starts at age 21 (or date of entry if later)..."I realise this should mean that it includes RMAS however the admin staff and SPVA seem intent on going off JPA. JPA has my date of entry (start of service) from the end of RMAS (when I commissioned)? This means I loose nearly a year of pensionable service. I asked APC glasgow but only received a verbal yes to RMAS counting as opposed written confirmation. Has anyone else had trouble when they've left the service and how did they resolve it?
The booklet reference to "date of entry" is not well drafted, is it?

Pending definitive replies, this ARRSE post from 2005 indicates that for officers, AFPS 75 reckonable service starts at date of commissioning or full time paid service attained from the age of 21, whichever is later.

However, having taken a quick look at the Army Pension Warrant for AFPS 75 I am not sure that the above statement is right.

For what it's worth, fairness would certainly support RMAS service above the age of 21 being counted towards reckonable service. The question must come up all the time so someone should be along with the definitive answer shortly, but it seems remarkable that you have not been able to get any more than a verbal indication from the system.
Haven't got the official blurb but had this problem myself. Got told by an efficient SO2 G1 at Div to check my JPA to see if my start date was commission date or start-of-RMAS date. RMAS year IS a year of service for pension purposes and I got this confirmed from APC not long ago (holding on to that email for the rest of my days).

When files were transferred to JPA, start dates were aligned with commissioning dates - that's where the error lies apparently.

I wouldn't leave it alone, make sure you get the info through your G1 guys and desk officer in writing somewhere.
Took me a little while to suss this post. To a matelot of my generation (old) RMAS is the "Royal Maritime Auxilary Service" But then again we are never too old to learn!!!
Quick update, I contacted the JPAC Help Desk who said they couldn't help and directed me to my career manager. They also said there is no document they could refer me to. I've since gone back to my career manager who has now emailed back with a "yes RMAS counts" for me but with no reference document to check it with. So while I now have it in black and white from my career manager the original question still hasn't been answered about how anyone can find this information out from a reference document!
Having asked the same question about a year ago, the answer I got was:

If on AFPS 75 and age 21 or over on entry to RMAS, reckonable service dates from entry to Sandbags.
If on AFPS 75 but not 21 on entry to RMAS, reckonable service dates from 21st birthday. Anything before that counts for nothing but patriotism.
If on / transferred to AFPS 06, reckonable service dates from first day of paid service (usually date of joining RMAS) (which made a not insignificant improvement to my calculations!).

Eventually I got it confirmed by the SPVA that my reckonable service date was the date I started RMAS (I was over age 21 when I went to RMAS). The only way I managed to get it confirmed was a weird fluke that my old APC AO had moved to the SPVA and I contacted him directly. He could access my details in the SPVA system. The MMP/106 was the only document I was referred to. Another mate left and had to argue the case with the SPVA to get his RMAS service counted (he too was over age 21 when he started RMAS).


This question must come up so often and Blackpool/Glasgow must be so unbelievably bored by it!! Why don't they just make it start of service, no matter what age, and for everyone.

Surely serving your country is serving your country, no matter what age or situation!
Because the pension TACOS for AFPS 75 are a little convoluted and for pension purposes for Officers it starts at Over 21 yo. This changed with AFPS 05 and those serving on AFPS 75 TACOS could voluntarily change over to, taking any pre 21 yo service into account for pension.
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