RMAS again. Yawn.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Arfur, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. I'm a TA infantryman, and have been for around four years. I've passed RCB and I'm off to Sandhurst in either January or May. There's been loads on here concerning fitness and the like; advice I'm taking to heart. I was wondering how the rest of one's time gets broken down - how much classroom time is there, how much practical stuff in the field, how much time do you spend marching around, etc, etc?

    I know the easy answer is "you'll find out first-hand soon enough"; I was merely wondering if anyone could give a quick heads-up as I have to confess I'm a little clueless as to what I've let myself in for (other than, obviously, a lot of running around).
  2. Good luck, by the way :wink:
  3. Are you related to the SofS for Defence, by any chance?

    Ps: Long time no see, Slopes!
  4. Best description I have heard recently is: 38 week advance to contact with two solid weeks drill and two weeks spent explaining what 80% of your job actually is.

    Made me laugh at the time!

  5. Best description I've heard is "Sandhurst is like a second rate public school where the CCF has gotten totally out of hand".
  6. or "Sandhurst is like a minor public school, where an overactive CCF".
  7. Assuming it hasn't changed drastically in the last 9 years:

    (Fitness isn't that critical as the course starts surprisingly slowly and a lot of people actually get less fit in the first term).

    First term is intended to be a loose reflection of a soldier's basic training, with the first elements of command thrown in the last half (section / platoon attacks), and masses of navigation exercices and orienteering. Not much classroom work, quite a bit of drill especially in the first 5 weeks before 'passing off the square'.

    Second term moves in to the leadership and command bit a lot more using the next batch of pseudo-infantry ops as a 'vehicle' (think that was the right word). Defence and so on. Classroom work starts - communications skills and so on. there's monster amounts of 'tabbing', a lot of competitions, range work and so - the biggest mix of all really.

    Third term; more parties than before, quite a lot of classroom work - current affairs, mil history, communications studies. Loads of drill. Some hyped up but for me rather disappointing exercises based on IS and peace enforcement among others. A lot more physical competitions.

    May help. Probably not. I just felt like posting as I'm having a quiet afternoon.
  8. Why don't you get into the swing of things before you turn up:

    Mark time V fast at the the pelican crossing (move to the time I call out etc)
    Eat for ten men, no meal to take longer than 4 mins.
    Break up with your Girlfriend.
    Wonder why you didn't think of ironing your jeans before
    Fall asleep in any form of transport as soon as the engine turns on.
    Lose half your body weight
    Keep two sets of wash shave kit, one you use - one by your mirror, covered with a tea towel (to keep the dust off) for best.
    Stay awake when it's dark, stay awake when it's light - just stay awake.
    Clean things.

    Good luck.

    I'd recommend:

    Wire brush
    cotton buds
    Lots of dusters
    Helly Hansen - green
    er - dusters again