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Two simple questions regarding the reserve officer training at sandhurst, the 8 weeks course, I am trying to sort out family/uni/finances...

- Finances: I know there is a £300 payment upon attestation, do we get paid during the 8 weeks course? i.e. is it a daily payment, do we get a one-off at the end, or do we not get paid at all during training?
- Time off: I know the 8 weeks course is very intense, but surely it's not a straight 8 weeks with every day doing something? Do we get time off, e.g. a day off every 2 weeks upon finishing a module. Any knowledge about the scheduling and time off would be helpful.

I asked my CSM but haven't heard back yet, I will ask my Yoda probs this upcoming week, but thought I might get some answers this weekend. Thanks


As you are there for 8 weeks you should get at least one payment as it'll cross over months. Whether your £300 will be in this I don't know.

Again, I don't know about the overall schedule but yes there will be downtime, you can't do down 56 consecutive days without some rest!


- Finances: You get paid the same wage as an Officer Cadet, which is £26.5k/yr (obviously pro rata for the 8 weeks).
- Time off: I have been told (and will be able to confirm in a few months) that cadets doing the full 8 week course in 1 go get every second weekend off (eg the first 2 days of Modules B, C, and D) because those first 2 days are used to sort out all the cadets arriving to start the course on that module. Since they're modular and thus you can do them individually, you'll be getting people coming and going every 2 weeks, and the ones just arriving will need to be sorted out admin-wise, so any cadets that are already settled in from the previous module get the weekend off. This is what I've been told, can't yet confirm from experience.
Forgive my ignorance but what is a Yoda in this context?

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