RMAS 1st and 2nd at West Point

Discussion in 'Officers' started by TangoFowerAlpha, May 16, 2008.

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  1. thats embarassing......I hope those West Pointers were made to have their heads to the ground for the rest of the month.
  2. Mate,

    West Pointers very rarely win it!
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandhurst_Competition

    Winning squad

    2008 - Sandhurst Red
    2007 - Royal Military College of Canada
    2006 - Royal Military College of Canada
    2005 - Royal Military College of Canada
    2004 - Sandhurst Red
    2003 - Sandhurst Blue
    2002 - Sandhurst Red
    2001 - Sandhurst Blue
    2000 - Sandhurst 2
    1999 - Sandhurst 1
    1998 - Sandhurst 2
    1997 - Sandhurst 1
    1996 - Sandhurst 1
    1995 - Sandhurst 1
    1994 - Sandhurst 1

    West Point is a college, which makes their likelihood of winning against training army cadets, unlikely... Not impossible, just it wouldn't look good for the training army cadets of the other countries.

    Congrats Sandhurst Red team, for winning and showing why the competition bears Sandhurst's name.
  4. Just goes to show that if you listen to your SNCOs you will go far.

    Although 7 miles in 4 hours seems a bit.... puffy.

    Lanyard Trophy, Swiss Raid Commando, Cambrian Patrol, Nijmegan Marches.... Black Thursday on the Royal Signals Leadership Cse?

    A sqn I was in once in did a 24hr exercise, covering some 40 miles with about 15 stands en route. All members were put on it.

    Could we not bring it to RMAS next year and Man it up a bit?
  5. You'll not have heard about LONG REACH then... which apart from being bad enough they get to do it after only 5 weeks in the Army.
  6. Actually Barbs, Yes, I have heard of Long Reach.

    The Sqn Exercise I mentioned above, was based upon long reach.

    One would imagine that this very exercise´s existance would lend credance to my desire that the "Sandhurst" Trophy is brought to RMAS and "manned up" a bit.

    Which "Pointers" compete? I am under the impression that the cadets graduate with degress AND a commision in the US Army (or USN, USMC and USAF (maybe even the USCG)). So surely the graduation year cadets should be more than up to the task of competeing with RMAS et al.

  7. Good old black Thursday is still around, good stuff

    and congrats to RMAS
  8. Sorry I read (clearly quite badly) that the stuff you were listing should be brought to RMAS. I didn't realise you meant bring the Sandhurst Cup to RMAS. Very sorry for the mistake.
  9. Why have the Sandhurst Competition never been held in the uk?(that i know about it have always been in the us.)

    I'm thinking maybe its cheaper for all the teams to meet in the us, but wouldnt it be more interesting if they rotate between the 3 main countries? (USA, Canada and UK)
  10. It is a USMA event. Primarily for USMA teams and a few selected add ons.

    The ROTCs are similar to UOTC except they commsion and they are a bit more meatier in training (or that is my understanding).

    It has ALWAYS been a US event. You wouldn´t want the London Marathon going to Europe so more runners could compet?

    On the OP link is the history of the competition.

    We set them a challenge, and then smash them everyyear we enter thereaftter :D
  11. I Would have to disagree. After my second year in Aberdeen UOTC i went on an exchange to LDAC (Leadership, Development and Assessment Course in Ft Lewis under Western Region Cadet Command. The cadets complete this 4 week course after their third year of 'College/School' and then on completion do their fourth year and graduate/commission. From my experience their training is not more "meaty" and a lot of them cant read a map (no uncommon feature for a junior officer). There is a reason why the Americans never win the sandhurst cup as their training is structured around getting a degree as well as training to be an officer (in the same way as the french im told)and as a result their training suffers. The camp seemed like a walk in the park to me, and we often experienced lapses in concentration whilst on exercise and suffered several blue on blue casualties due to lack of formalised training etc. I would suggest that whilst not all OTCs sing off the same song sheet in the same way as all of the ROTCs, it is fair to say that there is a reason the British army is the best, and it starts right at the beginning with grassroots training.
  12. The USMA teaches very much less intensively on the grungy officer training syllabus but paradoxically - perhaps due to the four year course - goes much further into leadership, man management, business administration, psychology et cetera. Then again some USMA cadets go off and do airborne training or Ranger school in their "vacations". The majority of their training is based on either their academic major or on the ethos of the US officer corps/military establishment and its seven values - Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage- and the "Cadet Honor Code". A West Point student is an enlisted member of the US Army, subject to the UCMJ. The Army provides tuition, room, board, medical and dental care. The cadet is paid but has to pay for their incidentals, books, uniform and personal computer!

    When a cadet graduates, they are commissioned as a second lieutenant. As far as I am aware there is no seniority bonus due to graduating from USMA at that point but obviously there is a good lads' club thing going on. The new brown bar will then go off to STA training, which will be pretty much more extensive AND intensive than say PCBC or YOs.

    For those interested, have a glance at http://www.usma.edu/about.asp
  13. Read a book about WP a few years ago where the sandhurst competition is discussed, te author said it was not surprising the Brits win as the UK commissioning course is the equivellent of all the WP military training with special to arm trg and ranger school on top. IE its practical and not academic. As I went to neither establishment I claim no special knowledge on this and accept I may be talking arrse.

  14. Sorry to intrude, but perhaps somebody could clear up a mystery.

    I can't find a reference to the Afghani team in the results table. Were they disqualified, otherwise engaged this year or dropped from the table because they were embarassingly high or low?