RMA3 Course Help!

Might not be the right place for this but it cant hurt to try!

Im currently trying to load one of my guys on to an RMA3 course. Ive got the dates, course number and location! Everytime I bid it never makes it to the relevent paper pusher (IE. course clerk at keow bks). Looking to go "Back door" and bid direct to course clerk but alas I cannot find a fax/contact number for the courses clerk?!!

Any help would be great.

PS: Yes Ive checked all DCIs and it says amend to follow! :( :roll:


Mind the tumbleweed!
primroseandblue said:
Boy oh boy has this little part of arrse land died a death.
Your telling me, I go away for a few weeks and this happens :roll: God knows what it'll be like when I am in the land of the sand castles :cry:
Bowman some highly suspect and "unofficial" advice from myself.

Try ringing the teaching staff direct and find out if there are any vacencies.

I remember doing my course and there were 2 or 3 spaces that had been allocated but the units had pulled their blokes at the last minute!!! There was one slot that was empty because the bloke just didn't turn up.

If you are located where your bloke could get to Keogh in an hour or so, or even the next day, that might work or they may just tip you the nod a few days prior, if they have been informed. No one likes empty desks on a course!!! And it moves faster than the course clerk who will need the application in quadruplete signed with ink from the lesser known boxed squid!!!

What reasons do you put on the form? You may be getting pushed off the list by units with more pressing needs or higher priorities. I think I got my mine rammed through (I'd been put up once or twice for the course) when the med centres Sgt tweaked the request. Just a case of knowing the right buzz words.
Greetings Bowman, Right, all course requests for Army courses at Keogh go though land command. We at Keogh have no say as to the loading. However, if you call the Friday before the course and speak to one of the instructors you may get some good news. If students do not attend, we have to apply to land for replacement. IF however, your trooper is standing amongst the parading course personnel, he may get accepted. Warning, if the course is full he/she will get RTU'd. Hope that helps.

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