RMA3 and BCDT Instructor

I am not sure but other than BCDT I think unit wise it is now just team medic rather than RMA. You still do slightly more advanced /trauma (manipulation etc) drills but no longer do IV's etc. It is much easier to get more guys through as well as they can be done in house by trg teams visiting your loc.
Showing off about the BCDT? lol! Thats just an attendance course followed by piss ups, oh and the wednesday war. Did it last year and it was just like we was been taken through matts. Pointless really. They should just post certificates out to those selected, will save cash!
Im an RMA and my course was tailored and involved the week team medic course aswell as rma due to 99% of my course deploying to the sand...RMA courses may still do this, call trg wing at Keogh Shit House at Lychet Nr the shot.

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