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  1. Looking for a bit of advice,
    Is the RMA1 qualification a lifelong qualification, or does it expire when you leave the army.
    Or does it need to renewed similar to first aid at work qualification.
    The reason behind this is i have one of my guys going on he is RMA1 even though he has left the army 20 plus years ago, and i cannot see how it is still current.
    Advice please.
  2. RMA = Regimental Medical Assistant. An Army qualification methinks?
    I'm struggling to understand what exactly you mean by "or does it expire when you leave the army" If you mean your guy is telling you he's an RMA1 so that he can treat people in civvie street in some official medical capacity, tell him to stop NOW! If he's using it as some sort of caveat to not doing the FAAW qualification, then he's also mistaken.
    I'm an Ex-RMA3, FAI and Battlefield FAI (The little book thingy), and as far as I'm concerned any clout, authority or claim to be qualified to some civvie qual stopped the minute I handed in my MOD90.

    Please can you clarify in what context your 'guy' is using the RMA1 claim for.
  3. causes much gnashing of teeth but any CMT /RMA qualification is only of value when directly employed as a serving soldier.
  4. Firstly, RMA is now RCMT.............

    Secondly, if he qualified 20+ years ago then he is no more qualified than a civilian with a box of plasters and Annadin bought in Tesco's..........

    He is neither current, competent or safe, RMA/RCMT/CMT are not transferable although some civilian companies will accept those who leave the Army (with currency) and employ them in a variety of CP, OS, Trg and medical management posts.

    PM me for further clarification.

  5. To elaborate further I am the Training Officer for my local ACF Sqdn, and whenever said person puts in for a training event, he puts his first aid qualification as RMA1.
    In the years since leaving the army he has not done a first aid at work course through the ACF or his civvy employer.
    So i just needed some advice as to whether his qualification is still current.
  6. Absolutely not - have you verified his background as an RMA? Which unit, when etc?
  7. Answer is simple, he's not qualified. Tell him to F*ck off.
  8. Has he been CRB checked??
  9. RMA Walt :nod: