Lo chaps and chapesses.;)

Just a quick question for you medical types from this not so medical type if you would be so kind.:)

Does the RMA qualification still exist for us wannabes?
If not what has it changed to and where is it run?
(Yep I know it's probably in DCIs or whatever the hell they are calling them this week, but you have to be at a proper unit to have access to stuff like that.)

Ta muchly. :)
I'm out now Karabiner, but out of interest - do the RCMTs do a full six month course, or part-way through?

I did the three week RMA3 course and always found it odd that after finishing this, we were expected to do the same as out CMT class3 colleagues in the Med Centre and in the field.
Karabiner said:
The RMA courses are now replaced by Regimental Combat Med Tech RCMT. The courses are exactly the same as for RAMC CMT, common core + single service element to RCMT2, 12 to 18 months at Regimental duty RAP/Role 1 followed by RCMT1 course. You are loaded onto the same courses as CMTs at Keogh Barracks.
Cheers chap, thanks very much.
I'm guessing it's not the easiest course in the world to get loaded on to?

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