RMA Sandhurst RLC posting

Hi everyone,
Just had a SPSO interview and I was given a list of postings, with RMA Sandhurst being one of the options.

Now I'm joining as a RLC driver so would anyone be able to shed light as to why this would be somewhere I was posted.

Perish the thought.

So basically I'll be driving trainee officers about?.
There's a logistic company there to assist with the, well, logistics of constantly shifting a few hundred officer cadets (as well as Directing Staff & Gurkhas), their rations/ammo/weapons/water, across the country.

Or...were you wearing a resplendent pair of red trousers during the interview?
There's a scary little man from a country near china in my unit who did a posting much the same. Had nothing but good things to say about it, easy work by all accounts.

Officer Cadets need to get places too!

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