Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by uavgunner, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Fellow ARRSERs
    What is the current situation regarding RMA/RCMT courses? I know from my early days 04/05 that HQ Battery pax would attend RMA courses with rumours flying around that they may get moved over to the RAMC and since then I've not heard anything else about said courses and I guessing that the RMA/RCMT courses are for ladies who's local TA unit is infantry or armoured?.

    Essentially I'm after getting on one an RMA/RCMT course but I'm unsure if I'd either have to be in a PID that requires that role.Im also assuming that RMA/RCMT 3 to 1 runs concurrent or along the same lines as CMT 3 to 1,not that I know what each level means.

    I thank you.
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  6. If you want to be a medic I am afraid that you do need to up your skills in the English language as text speak can lead to confusion and severe medical problems if the information is not communicated concisely, precisely and efficiently.
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  9. Ok as every one else are being so helpful and that my spelling is Equaly poor, I shall shed some light for you:

    The RMA Qual ceased to be back in 2005 with the RA, RE Ect opting out of having their own Medics.

    The Infantry and RAC retained the need for their own Medics and loaded soldiers (Regular non female) on to the RAMC Phase two Common Core Course, Qualifiying them as RCMT Class 2 (there has never been a Regular RCMT Class 3 Qual). These Medics then progressed on to become RCMT Class 1s.

    A few years ago the RAMC took on the liability of all of the Medical PIDs, and by 2015 the last of the RCMTs will have been replaced.

    Unfotunatly other than attending a 2 and a half day Team Medic Course, if you want to do any thing medical you will have to transfer to the RAMC as a CMT (which is a pinch point trade).

    I hope that this as been help full
  10. Cheers
    Yea that's been a big help.With CMT being a pinch point trade I assume transfer wouldn't be a huge drama,Im not entirely sure but I imagen I'd be looking reduction to lance jack post phase 2?.Also due to an injury from an IED strike I don't see my med grade being above P3 and probably P7 and I'm not entirely sure what sort of carrer progression I'd be looking at.


  11. its a ''medic thing '' trust mee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. Sorry to hear that mate, you wouldn't reduce in rank, though you would mark time untill you reached the required Quals and recomendation to promote higher. unfortunately you do have to be MFD to transfer, it is "Combat" Medical Tech, and is the only real Job that you will find Combat Service Support Arms embeded with rifle platoons on regular foot patrols. (The RAMC has enough CMTs who cant soldier)

    Alot of my fellow RCMTs were refused transfer due to Medical Grading. Though deppending on your Injury its not impossible to Rehab. I was hit by RPG Frag, and though took some time i managed to get back to MFD and Transfer.

    Good luck and all the best.
  13. Cheers
  14. Wot he said. Good luck.