RMA in the TA

As I understand it on completion of the CMT3 cse if you are not cap badged RAMC, you are considered a RMA within your unit....what does this involve?

Guessing your not allowed to do much.......?
I'm not clued up on this, but I'd imagine you'd go through your training the same as everybody else. The difference is that if you get mobilised and don the armband, you'll probably not have to clean carbon off your rifle.
more aimed towards all the changes happening within the CMT trade and how it effects the RMA.........i was told "you can do the training but you wont be allowed to put any of it into practice".
ask in the AMS forum, there are CMTs who will know about these things and also the AMS Ivory Tower read ARRSE so you may get the low down on exactly what is happening with RMAs (?soon to be RCMTs)
Dont do it .As a medic in an infantry unit you will find yourself doing mong jobs in the cp waiting for someone to injury themselves. or siting in a landy hoping someone has a messy accident on the ranges .More fun as a cook .On ops you might get a trauma kit to lug around .
The course is pretty easy 2 weeks by all accounts but hardly going to qualify to do life saving heart surgery on the roadside .
On and the next cmt qualifed git who says they cant do stag cos of geneva i will piss on them when they are asleep :twisted: .

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