Howler said:
Well, it's a Friday afternoon and we're all a bit bored.
Picture taken well after the lads had taken on the Spicks and made their eyes water first. Wellied a sub with an 84mm and caused the "spickinchief - Generalo Bravissimo Cuntlipsimo" to suck his teeth and reconsider how he was going to tackle the problems of taking on the Brits.

Spicks should have learnt their lesson there and then and fecked off back to cow poking before being malleted by Royal et al a few months later.


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datumhead said:
anyone in the pic post on here or anyone know them?
If you believe what the press are telling us, everyone associated with the FW has now commited suicide or are residing in a lunatic asylum...


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Bastards, what took you so long? And why go to something as prestigous and warrior like as 'airbornesoldier.com'? You'll find this one and the second one over the road at RR. They're under 'Comic', obviously! By the way, Howler ..... you're a cnut ! :D :D


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Howler said:
Well, it's a Friday afternoon and we're all a bit bored.
Thank god you would have fought to the death etc.
Harry 100% agree with retort.

Check out his tactical assessment of the Iranians and you will see where or why I agree with you.


Howler have you ever thought about the AACC. Oh sorry thats not for superior beings like yourself. Yawn

Just one more very small point, could you please (please pretty please) post proof of a picture that shows you in combat or just coming out of combat so we can all admire.

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