RM Walt Exposed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Baghdad-Brit, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Top marks to the ex-wife :thumright:
  2. Coq.......(for 10 typing thing counter).
  3. (sighs resignedly) Another day, another walt. B_B asks; Will it ever end?

    I say; No.

    bluntslane, to avoid the admittedly tedious 10-character limit, type whatever, highlight it and click on the A. Then select white, and the text will only be seen if you click Reply With Quote, like so; you get used to it soon enough.
  4. whatever
    I think it's quicker and easier for a simpleton such as I to just type the corresponding number of fullstops to equal 10 characters. But thank you for the information.
  5. It is a bit tiresome, I grant you. I just enjoy exercising my tiny store of IT knowledge.
  6. How do these walting cnuts get away with it???

    I've done the Cenotaph twice, you can't just turn up and march. The only way into the formation area on Horseguards is with a ticket issued by the association or unit you are marching with. For small associations like ours it's easy as everyone knows someone so a walt wouldn't last sixty seconds but surely the larger Corp / Regimental associations vet their members. Some basic checks to confirm service number and SERVICE DATES would have outed this twat before he even started.
  7. thats actually quite a good idea
  8. 'Twasn't mine; some clever bugger thought of it, can't remember who.
  9. Proper job, Sir. I'll stick £20 in Hols4Heroes.
  10. Sweet Jesus. Just looking at his wedding photo ... which one's which. His wifes a howler.
  11. I would 123456
  12. Ironic if it turned out 'she' was a Walt woman.