RM/Para Fitness requirements

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ubersniper, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. As the title goes, tried googling them briefly, no dice

    Anyone know what they are, or where I can find them?

    Also any advice on best ways to improve fitness (bar moving>eating/lay off the pies ya daft bast). I do cardio work and kick boxing twice weekly but I think theres more I can do.

    Any help appreciated
  2. Mate to be honest you've got to work on every aspect of your fitness i.e CV and upper and lower body muscle strength and endurance. But fitness is only one thing, you have to be mentally strong no wimping out when the going gets tough which im sure it will do. As for standards ive done PRMC before and they just enjoy killing you haha Just make sure you can run 3 mile in under 20 min do 50 + situp and press ups and at least 6 pullups and you should be ok, as long as you can take all the bullsh*t they throw at you which will show you are the right kind of person there after nuttin else. I would also assume para and royal standards are about the same for entering basic they jus' turn you into a different product.

    cheers brodz
  3. well my fitness program at the moment is running basically everywhere I go (through the town center on a saturday night is an exception) then I run to the gym, spend an hour or so building upper body fitness, then run back home..It's got me loads fitter..
  4. brodz, why didnt you go for royal? i wanted to try the prmc but only want para. not long now, think ill need a truckfor all the stuff ive bought haha
  5. lol nipper im buying a new suitcase for 31/07 You coming in a shirt and tie? i am. When i did my prmc i woz 17 fella and thought it was the wrong time to enter training as i was only jus' going pubbing it and i loved girls to much at the time (trust me fella you'll hear me moaning bout not seeing gals within days!!) Because of those reasons i knew i couldn't put 110% into it which you bloody need to. Now ive done civvy st for a couple more years and decided to look at the forces again and paras satuck in my mind straight away, last time my old man pointed me in the direction of royals so i never considered para, so now im 110% ready for what they gonna throw at us and to be honest i cant wait!

    cheers brodz
  6. same here not seein my girlfriend will be horrible, but crack on. yeah goin in shirt and tie, got to look smart first in thoughts mean alot. ive been the same been thinking about it a lot. just cant wait to start now
  7. Good Luck ;-)
  8. You can only give them 100% and that's all they want from you. Good luck on the course guys!
  9. cheers guys
  10. Starting to get nervous now lads?, Not long only 12 days! Howz training going with you lot? Yeah im going in shirt and tie on the first day.

    Cheers for the 'good lucks'

  11. Gents -

    Yes, definitely turn up in a shirt and tie, also decent pair of trousers and shoes. Believe it or not things like that are noticed and it shows you're serious.

    Best of luck to you all!
  12. Thanks alot guys

  13. yeah pooing my self, training is ok, had 5days off and feel good still hammering it this week then chill next week, you?
  14. Guys, don't have a clue what you're going through but I've got my TA basic training coming up soon and bricking it too even though it won't be a scratch on what you're gonna go through. ALTHOUGH, I'm also training with the plan to try out for 21 SAS next year so then I'll be in a world of pain also :)

    Just want to say ******* good luck. Take everything they throw at you, train like a bastard, stay focussed and visualise your goal: Putting on the green beret! Chin up lads!
  15. Go to ArmyNet. Choose "Communities". Scroll down to "29 Commando Regt RA". Click on "Pre-Commando Course". Scroll down the page and you will find links to various things you will find useful. Most helpful in general terms is the "PCC Prep Handbook", which sets out the pre-course training you should be doing (if going for the Commando course) and what the fitness standards are.

    If you can't access ArmyNet, you might find Adrian Weale's "Fighting Fit" helpful -


    I'm told it is equally applicable to fitness prep for SAS, Para and Cdo (and points out the differences in what you should be doing as training for each). It is aimed at military fitness: the bad reviews on Amazon seem to be from people who bought it as an alternative to a Davina McCall fitness video.