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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Orpheus, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Im slightly confused about this, hope its not a silly question but I've googled and searched this forum to no avail.

    Army Officers are trained at RMAS, Naval Officers at Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. What about the Royal Marines? I have found mention of Marine Officers having completed 'Royal Marines Young Officer training' but what and where is this? I cannot find any substantial info on the RM or Navy websites, I hope somebody here is in the know!

    Also, is it possible to go through RMAS, join your Army Regiment, then transfer to the RM? (Or even commission directly into the Marines on graduation?) Presumably if this is possible, you have to complete the Commando course etc.

    Would be much obliged if anyone can clear this up for me! :)
  2. they train at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, in Lympstone - same place as marine equivalent of ptes do
  3. Not a bootie nor an officer I'm afraid, but I do know the RM are part of the Naval Service and so you'd be better off getting in touch with them rather than the Army. RM Offrs have to do AIB (naval officer selection) instead of RCB, as well as their own POC which is an added selection for those wanting to go RM as opposed to other officer branches in the naval service (like aviators have flying tests thrown in on top, there are different medical standards for submariners etc).

    I think the bulk of their training is done at Lympstone but it'd be odd for there not to be some time spent at Dartmouth I'd think. In America USMC officers spend all their time at the naval academy and only specialise as a marine later. I know we're not them, and I think you'll be at Lympstone for most of it, but I would expect there to be a connection with BRNC, as they are officers of the naval service and not just the RM, and they'll probably benefit from a naval perspective seeing as thats how they're going to be deployed and employed most of the time, as amphibious commandoes from Ocean or Bulwark or whatever.

    Everyone serving with 3 Cdo Bde has to do the AACC it seems and as the RMs provide the bulk of that bde then they all have to be commando trained, unless you are joining the band! It sounds like you are already lined up for the Army but wish to swap over to the Marines at the last moment. I'm sure you can transfer to the RM once you're in, or possibly convert after RMAS, but why not just stay in the Army but in a cdo-roled unit?

    The Army provides all the combat support units in 3 Cdo Bde so go with the RA or RE (they are expanding RE cdos to a full regt) and you can be Army, commando and working with booties in 3 Bde. If you are joining the infantry then aren't "The Rifles" due for a bit of service with 3 Cdo shortly? If the cdo thing doesn't work out but you are still looking for something a bit distinctive then why not the booties archrivals and join the Airborne forces?
  4. TRY HERE, Numpty

    That was the 1st result from Googling 'marine officer' - seems to do it for me.

    You'll need more resolve than that for their training 8O
  5. Followed Mr C's link and saw this... http://www.rnjobs.co.uk/data/%5B(1459)-23-10-2002%5Dsignal.jpg a more interesting dress sense than the Cav...
  6. Afraid I can shed no more light on the training aspect but have some info regarding transferring across due to a friend currently in the process of doing it. PM me if you want details as I do not want to put him in a position where he is easily identified but safe to say it is not a simple case of applying to change service. A combination of postings and timing have been factors, and he was told that he is the first person of his rank that has ever been allowed to make the jump.
  7. Thanks all for your replies!

    Mr Hinecap, thanks for the link, it could have been posted without the 'Numpty' and patronising drool, but I guess people get their kicks in different ways. Incidently, that link is not on the first 5+ pages of google for me, the only RN website I get is the helpfull Royal Marines Officer. The closest I got to that page is Potential Officers’ Course brief. For the life of me, I couldn't find the one you posted.

    As mentioned I had heard of the Young Officers Course, but was not sure what it consisted of. Thanks to the link, now I know. I am interested however in any fundamental differences between the YOC and RMAS/BRNC. The last 2 are institutions and the 1st is a course. Does this mean no institutional tradition/balls/parties/etc that the other 2 offer?

    Im mainly asking here for people who have opinion on the different standard of officers (from a leadership point of view, not fitness etc) that are produced via the different factories. Obviously it depends on the candidate, but I am certain the training will have a large impact.

    If you have any words of encoragement, along the lines of: 'If you cannot find the same websites as me go kill yourself, you'll never amount to anything, whine whine whine', I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't appreciate the judgemental attitude of people who assume they are superor to anyone because they have the time to trawl the net looking for the details.

    Websites are nice, but forums full of people who possibly have more upto date and more varied information are better. In my opinion.
  8. Orpheus - If you can't take a smidgeon of banter then I suggest you look at another career! Royal are no different, in fact they are probably worse.

    Royal = Royal Marines :roll:
  9. I can take and give as much banter as the next man, and possibly a bit more. The faceless medium of the internet makes it hard to gauge intention, and I wouldn't insult somebodies resolve on the grounds of my original post - numpty or not! :D
  10. Orpheus,

    When people refer to 'RMAS' they are referring to the Commissioning Course, likewise they are referring to the course they did at 'Dartmouth' and 'BRNC'. Surprisingly enough people refer to 'Lympstone' more often than they do to the 'YOC'. The only people who refer to the course more often than the location are the RAF Regiment and that says a lot in itself.

    Leadership? If you want to learn about leadership go to Sandhurst.
  11. Erm barbs we don't have bootie-trained rockape ruperts now do we? 8O :? The mind boggles!
  12. Why not ask on Rum Ration - it is their site after all!
  13. Chap. I am a busy officer in the military - I got here without the aid of t'internet - as most of my esteemed colleagues here will also have done. I found the answer to YOUR question, helping you along YOUR way, with very little effort. I was not insulting your resolve (if that is indeed possible), I was merely having a gentle prod and questioning your resolve. Having actually met and served with RM officers, I have had some exposure to what they are. You, young chap, are not (virtually) demonstrating what they need. Each Service will claim they produce the best as well. Carry on.
  14. There are good Royal officers, and there are crap Royal officers. There are good army officers, and there are crap army officers. The good:crap ratio is probably slightly better in Royal, but they can afford to be very selective as they only commission a very small number, compared to RMAS. Also, everyone who joins Booty wants to be an infantry officer (at least, I've never yet met anyone that wanted a Tp at Commach or Logs); I'd suggest that the infantry's good:crap ratio is better than the army's as a whole.

    Tradition etc wise, although CTC is a concrete paradise, batches at CTC are much stronger than intakes at RMAS - partly because they're smaller, partly because they're going to serve in a smaller service, and so it's easier to keep in touch. However, if your main reason for wanting to do a commissioning course is because there'll be some good parties, you'll probably be dissapointed (although there are good parties at RMAS and Lympstone... and possibly even at Dartmouth).

    Transfer-wise, it is possible, although the only person I know to have done it had to do most of Lympstone (and, in fact, chose to do it all so as to be with his batch from the start).

    As far as I'm aware, all training is based at CTC - there'll no doubt be dark blue exchange officers to explain exactly what happens deep in the bowels of big grey boats!

    I think they're probably on JACANA.
  15. After they've learnt close order naked drills, and a been fitted for their ladies clothing, they go to BRNC to be educated about the world. Historically they've shagged all the pretty Officer Cadetswhilst at the College, however they're not choosy about the sex of their "date". All together now "it's not gay, it's commando".....