RM in tabloid naked and fighting shocker

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Nov 26, 2005.

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  1. ITV News has just shown, as its main story, a film of a bunch of p*ssed and naked Marines fighting. When one complains, he is kicked by another who is apparently an NCO. ITV are playing it for max tabloid results: "The drunkeness and violence within our military"; "One man is kicked unconscious by his commanding officer (sic)" and so on.

    News of the World tomorrow, apparently. That'll be the sister paper to The Sun, the paper that supports our boys (allegedly).
  2. Booties kicking off whilst being naked/pished/hanging out of a small mammal is as much 'News' as the sun coming up each morning then going down in the evening. Slow day for the fish wrapper salesmen I suspect.

    They should report on a member of a well known non ITV soap opera allegedly batting for the other side. But I doubt they ever will due to it being a 'bit close to home'. :roll:
  3. Violence is what the military is all about. NOTW is arrse anyway. Obviously Abi Titmuss is on the blob this weekend
  4. Curious how the tabloids always manage to come up with a story damaging to the military shortly after MoD have been criticised.

    This week:

    - Lt Gen Irwin says Ministers reneged on an agreement over cap badges

    - MoD reckon getting the overspend on procurement feck-ups down to a mere 2.7bn is good news

    - Hain & Bliar get a hard time over the NI appeasement process and Hain will soldiers may be treated the same as terrorists

    - MoD are criticised for spending huge amounts on TV sets, for when their staff get bored with the art they recently bought

    Or should I be collecting beret, aluminium foil, alien ray deflecting on Monday?
  5. If these guys want to box naked with sleeping bags on their arms while the referee is dressed as a woman .. fair play to them.

    And troops such as these are trained to be aggressive, cant understand why everyone seems shocked when they kick the crap out of each other now and then.

    Must be a lack of celebrities shagging about.

    Anyone know who won ??
  6. What's wrong with it...no worse than a game of murder ball. :twisted:
  7. It was a fair right foot to the swede, mind... instant sparko factor, the Bootie was poleaxed...
  8. Any links
    Just got text off ex bird saying royal in the sh+t?

  9. Radio 4 reported at midnight that he was "dressed as a St Trinian's schoolgirl". I thought the reporter was trying to suppress a giggle!

  10. How did the vid get to the Press?
  11. Wait up: Wasn't there a recent thread, encouraging someone to go dressed to a fancy dress as a st trinian schoolgirl?
  12. Achieved at last.

    Every bootneck's dream.

    To be a gay icon.
  13. Hoofing lads, nice to see my glorious Corps is keeping its fine standards intact. Must admit, as said previously "Royal" kicking off whilst naked / in a dress is not a great shocker. As i sit here on a Sunday morning in matching twin set and pearls kicking my oppo about......
  14. Some booties camera phone no doubt. Big Brother and his mobile is always watching.