RM girlfriend surviving deployment

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by poppyrose, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got any good ideas what i can send to my bf in Afghan?? He's at a base where you can buy pretty much anything so i need some imagination here pretty please!!
  2. Hole!!! To the fucking HOLE!!!
  3. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    In other news, shares in popcorn undergo a rapid rise...
  4. Let me think now. Oh I have it! How about as many filthy self taken pics as you can muster. Probably best to post em on here first for the thumbs up before you send em though eh!
  5. Run my dear.

    Run far and fast.
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  6. good one
  7. Not an easy question to answer I'm afraid. If you could furnish me with a close up photograph of your anus taken with a macro lens I would be better armed to deal with your request.


    In anticipation.
  8. This isn't very imaginative now is it! It's a bit obvious
  9. I'm out of here.. see ya later sex starved individuals.
  10. Treat him each week to a video diary showing you riding a progressively larger sit on dildo than the week before.

    Up your crimper.
  11. Wives of fridge maintainers don't ask for advice on washing maintainer forums!

    What advice could a loved one of a serving member of the ROYAL NAVY possibly gleam from an army website? ;)

    Shite effort. D- Must try harder!
  12. Serious response now...

    He'll be missing you, probably more than you're missing him. So personal/sentimental items are perfect and much more meaningful that sweets, mags, toiletries etc. It can also go a long way to sustaining your relationship while he's away.

    Items such as naughty photos and worn underwear are ideal.

    We run a free service whereby wives and girlfriends can send such items to us, we put them into a beautiful leather bound album complete with brass corners and a personalised name plate, and post them out to the correct BFPO. I've PM'd you the address to send them to.
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  13. Is there anything i can send that doesn't require me getting naked or the use of different types of dildo's
  14. I'm sorry Poppy, I feel we've got off on the wrong foot. What I meant to say was "Show me where you poo from.".
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