RM Booted out of Norway - Post urine

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pomps, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Shocking that this could even be remotely true :roll:
    Not a frock or kip sheet in sight either!!!

    "Eight British commandos have been flown home from Norway after reportedly stripping and urinating on each other.
    The soldiers were arrested in a bar in the town of Harstad after removing their clothing, making lewd comments to women and urinating on each other"


    edit for dyslexia
  2. Bar manager Peter Holmbakken told the Daily Mail: "I can understand the women were offended. It's no fun to be plagued by nasty comments."

    Yeah, but they love getting pissed on lol!
  3. Thought they where Sappers !
  4. Glad to see such serious matters of world importance are stretching the minds of the Press :roll:
  5. "What the Gentlemen of the Corps of Royal Engineers"?
    Even if it was 59!
  6. it does say they were sapper s up the corps god bless em :D
  7. They were all coming back over the next few weeks anyway, in fact certain elements came back last week.
  8. Have the Norwigians never heard of "Work hard - PLAY harder"!
  9. Take the uniform off them and you would be ranting and frothing at the brain about drunken mong chavs embarassing the UK while abroad and how they deserved to be flogged etc.

    Nothing really wrong with what they did if that is what floats your boat but where they did it was fcuking stupid and they deserve any punishment they get.

    Civies do not and will not understand so playing silly games in civie bars is always going to be a problem and insulting the local Frøken is never going to be a popular move.

    And taking or allowing photos to be taken of you? Thought you guys still serving would have learnt your lesson about that by now.
  10. I had a drink last night with my old Sapper friend, Burma Jan 42-Aug 45.
    He was a tooch upset
    John did you see that artical about the Sappers from 59, a Crack Sqn you know ?
    Yes Roy.
    They got fined 500 pounds each
    Hard life now Sah.
    5 Hundred pounds, is getting naked in a bar now compulsory ?
    Don't think so.

    But then I notice the sparkel in his eye.
    Never have happened in My day.
    Or Mine I lied.
    88 year young talking to 60 year old Pup.