RLC's new flash. We are all going badge mad!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Scally, Nov 16, 2004.

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  1. I see from reading the Spunkstainer from October that we are to receive a new all singing and all dancing badge! Yep another one. Just so people know we are in the RLC. Not that the gay rainbow corps belt or Christmas cracker cap badge we have to wear doesn't give it away. I guess the people who had decided this are all about to leave the army and want to leave an eternal mark on our corps.

    Aren't we going a little bit badge mad? What's next a badge like the RAF saying Army for our combats. That would go well with our name badge on our other pocket. If you had amnesia all you would have to do is look at one breast to find our you are in the Army, then the other breast to find out your name, then your right arm to see what Corps your in and your nationality, and finally your left are to find out your home unit or brigade. Job done!

    For those people who have not heard about it, its a 4cm squire badge. With a line going from the bottom left hand corner to the top right hand corner splitting two colours up. Blue and Gold, just like our lanyard. Yipppeee! All RLc to be wearing the flash by 5 April 2005 for the 12 anniversary of the Corps
  2. Want to see badges gone mad. Look at the flight suit of an E3 crewman.

    PS. What ever happened to counter surveillance control measures?
  3. RTFQ


    How about a T shirt that says "RLC - it's not for girls.." Oh hang on, that wouldn't work. How's about "RLC - it's not for FIT girls"
  4. :mrgreen: Its been on the cards since around 2002 and the introduction of 'Tactical Recognition Flashes ' (TRF)
    13 Air Assualt Regiment are none to pleased having to replace the Black/Red DZ Flash as well I am told!
    Other Corps with more than one DZ Flash or one that differs from thier main TRF may also be affected.

    :arrow: It gets better...The powers that be have decided you need two versions.

    A Olive Surround for Green DPM & a Beige Surround for Desert DPM,
    so they can blend in better.. :lol:

    Actual examples as supplied to HQRLC
  5. I mike, and whats the odds that you only receive one dependant on which theatre you are in and have to purchase the others on return or deployment.
  6. Stop Press:

    :arrow: Every RLC Soldier will be issued 5. (3 x Shirts, 1 x Jacket & 1 x Wind proof jacket)

    :arrow: RLC Museum Shop are already selling them at .50p each by the way :roll:
  7. Is that .50p a roll :roll:
  8. I've never really understood why they wear them on their 95 Shirts!
    I always thought it was so they could muster on the DZ and therefore were only relevant on para smocks.

    Maybe this is the same reason why we are getting TRFs, because its what the big boys do in the G3 world.
  9. DZ Flashes were only intended for Para Smocks or at least Combat Jackets since Smocks are I believe not a issued item any more.

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    Since the advent of Tactical Recognition Flashes (TRF) DZ Flashes have been re-named TRF's anyway. All the Parachute Battalions, All 4 Para Battlions, HQ Para & Depot Para have had their DZF's recognised as TRF's by the Army Dress Committee (ADC)

    Problem with the 13 AA Regt and its Black/Red DZ Flash (Which was worn by both RCT & RAOC in the old 5 AB) is the ADC ruling that every Regiment/Battalion or Corps may have only one TRF, and units serving in 16AB are no exception.
    (So how does the Parachute Regiment get 6 TRF's ? & does Depot Para really need one?)

    The Royal Engineers EOD DZ Flash is also in doubt (RAOC/RLC EOD never had one!)

    Second moan from 16AB are some TRF's are to small to be DZ Flashes.

    With all tbe badges being worn, Why bother with Camouflage DPM at all?
  10. I can understand the Paras DZ flash, it must help when jumping! But still cant understand the RLC's flash! And as for the Pic's of it above...well it looks black and yellow to me...not Blue and gold.
  11. When was the last time an Airborne Brigade jumped on exercise never mind full blown Ops? If its a Night Drop hows a coloured patch going to help anyway? 16AA Bde is living on past galores! Its mostly Heli Borne & Helicopter Air Portable now anyway.. How many even need to be P Coy trained any more? Not a lot. Most budgies I see are crap hats in red berets!

    As for TRF's it is not just the RLC - ALL Regiments & Corps are adopting them

    As for the colours 'Who cares' if you don't?
  12. I think all TA personnel will be issued with 3 TRFs - two for their shirts and one for the jacket.
  13. You are probably right smoother_mover, and Grantham PRI will sell the ones for any extra kit!

    Badges on a "Wind proof jacket" anyway? What is the world coming to......

    Why not put the TRF on the Rank-Slide? That way you would only need one each! :lol:
  14. If the new RLC TRF was blue and gold in the pattern indicated, it would be very similar, if not identical, to that of (I think) 1 PWRR.

    Tactical Confusion Flash.
  15. Yep only smaller! The 1 PWRR DZ Flash was declared 'Out of Use' as well as 'Never Approved' by the Army Dress Committee.

    Dark Blue & Golden Yellow are the Regimental Colours of the RLC.

    This is how it was first announced in 2002 in Sustainer: