Discussion in 'RLC' started by RLC66, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes to join your reg if you have gone with RLC logistics specialist (supply)?? More or less. weeks or months?
  2. It depends on all kinds of factors like, getting through Basic training, without any set backs and how long it takes you pass your driving tests etc. Good luck, it can be a lottery!
  3. Used to be about 6 months. Thats phase 1, trade training and driving.
  4. Nice thread title, very descriptive...
  5. ah ok . ive known people that have waited up to 7 months. thats not good:|cheers
  6. With any luck you might end up one of those Phase 2 Pte's who never seem to be on any courses and just lord about Deepcut for a year thinking they are "senior" and on a par with the training staff.

    At least, thats what went on in my time there.
  7. dont like the sound of that :S
  8. Most normal folk didnt/dont,mate but it appealed to certain creatures for some reason.
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  9. Its all changed now (So I originally heard on ARRSE).
    They tell you in basic training where you are posted and when. (Providing all goes well)
    I didnt think it was going to work, but apparently it does and quite well.

    To the OP when I was in training it was possible to do your 10 weeks basic, 1 week phase two induction, 3 weeks B3 course, a week arseing about waiting for leconfield, two weeks in leconfield (If you were good at driving) another week of arseing about in Deepcut waiting for a posting so from day one 18 weeks until you were at a regular unit. But that was if all the timings went right for you. Doubtless things have changed
  10. Don't listen to any of the shit that has been posted here. Your posting will depend on whether you have passed your TST's or not........Whatever the **** they are.

    As for being on a par with the instructors at Deepcut........That isn't exactly ******* hard, is it? Most Phase 1's exceed the given standard!!!!! I'll get my own helmet thanks!
  11. Being on par with Deepcut Instructors???.......roll up your sleeves aka SF stylee, induce a steely eyed stare, adopt the hands-in-range-pocket stance, utilise a suitable back drop with some swirling after battle red smoke and get the resident photographer to take the shot.
  12. and then they eventually get bined through a +ve result on a CDT.

    Many many years ago, at Deepcut there was an utter twat who IIRC had never spent a day in a field unit as he 'posted' to the stores there. After a year or so he somehow blagged a local and managed to squeeze himself onto my RPC2 course. '******* useless' was an blistering understatement and was just the DS's arsekissing Gopher and brew bitch. It was nauseating to see him 'pass'.

    Complete and utter tool
  13. Bloody Hell. It seems like time's stood still since 1984! 12 weeks basic (unless back-squadded); 2 weeks ish admin company (i.e. stag on); 1 week A/T; 2 weeks leco; 2 weeks admin company; 4 weeks trade training; 1-2 weeks admin company awaiting posting. 6 months!! And of course the old DGOS (promising JNCO) scheme still seems to be running. Yes there were some tossers but majority seemed to be able to hold their own outside Deepcut. We were lucky as recruits as over half our DS were ex infantry. Still got severely beasted though. Delhi Pl 1984.

  14. Bet the twats a Snr now as well
  15. Hadn't thought about that. I'm gonna cruise Facebook later to see if he's Friends with any of mine who are old and bold (and avoiding civvie street)