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  1. the army web site is ment to give information about the job you want to go for in the army but yet i dont no any thing about phse two training for the logistics- chef
    it worries me bc i want to no as much as i can about them when i go for my interview,
    help ne 1
  2. ta ne way i aint seen de secound link ya ad sent me b4 cheers
  3. No text speak please on here. I don't have a mobile and can't understand a thing you're writing!
  4. Don't text speak on ARRSE. It's not appreciated.

    Nasty men will come and do nasty things to you. Probably involving cooking implements.
  5. haha im sorry i didnt know that people dont like text lingo on ARRSE is that because in the army your not allowed to have as much acces to a mobile as in civvy street?

    haha i dont think any one is guna come near my ass hole with a kitchen implemnt mine is a one way system only out
  6. Of course you have access to a mobile. You just have to be polite when you're using it.

    No text speak is a convention of the site. Abide by it, or find another site that tolerates text speak.

    There's lots of useful information on ARRSE so I suggest you have a mooch about, could be helpful to you.

    As for your last comment: If it was between you and the resident ARRSE Gimp, my money's on the Gimp.
  7. i dont mind not usin text talk on here! i think this site is really good for people like my self new recruits who can get information from soldires already in the millitry are you in the armed forces by the way?
    so how do you reckon a gay person will try get me to go with him and fullfiling his fantcy by using kitchen tools :(
  9. If you want to be a dick try somewhere else. In this forum post responsably.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.