RLC - you decide

this thread was posted on the RLC site but they seem to have had a complete sense of humour failure - so I thought I would share it with those who REALLY appreciate the army's answer to Tesco on line!

This is a picture from the 13 Reg RLC website - I think the poor lad is drooling just a little too much. Maybe the loggies don't advocate care in the community!


Drooling or suddenly realised about to be Photographed whilst on net!? (Looks like depressing pressel switch to me.) Whatever the reason not the best pic to show off Rad Op trade, see the site is now under construction so your post has had effect.

Now why were you trawling the RLC website? Retrade in mind perhaps...............................
no - a friend's brother is in 13 Reg RLC and has just returned from Helmand - I was interested to find out a bit more about them, especially the AD lads (an old workmate was one in Malaysia)

I know squaddies have a good sense of humour but you don't put someone on a website who looks like his carer has gone to fetch some ice cream & baloons!
True, the loggies didn't find this amusing. I don't actually see a deluge of broken ribs-type posts here either. Might it just be that this isn't actually funny?
Exactly if that had been an Infantryman he would have at least been naked!
Looks like he has had the electric shock treatment if you ask me
Or the bucket was kicked over in the birthing room and he fell out - funny chaps in the RLC

Bad for PR but great ammo for the rest of us!

Yep -typical RLC - they probably had dozens of photos and that was the best one!
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