Discussion in 'RLC' started by alfred_the_great, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Sorry to butt in, but after some random browsing on the defence intraweb I noted that 3 x RLC YOs a year can do PCBC. Out of curiousity, what jobs do they go on and do?

    I am not, and never will be, in a position to work for the RLC in case you think this is some bone wah or wannabe question!!!!


  2. I believe it is for those that are due to become Troop commanders in the Pnr Regt (can't remember its number at present)
  3. So why PCBC?
  4. The Pnr Regt RLC are classed as a Combat arm so I can only presume thay let them on PCBC
  5. fair enough - cheers.
  6. Young officers who are posted to 23 Pnr Regt as Tp Comds can do PCBC. They will do the RLC Tp Comds' Cse then go to PCBC during their Tp Comd post. The pnrs are not a cbt arm, nor do they do phase 2 infantry training anymore (a woeful decision that was not adequately thought out) but they are the RLC 'infanteers' and have done infantry role deployments. Although female officers can be Pnr Tp Comds they cannot do PCBC.