RLC Wristbans

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by poppyman, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    Not 100% sure where to post

    Hope I've made right choice. Anyway I'm currently looking for wristbands to show support for RLC. I've checked forces store website, but no avail

    Welcome any thoughts

    Regards to all
  2. From what I've seen, the RLC are more in need of gastric bands.
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  3. And I can understand why they'd want to ban the RLC, but just their wrists? ;-)
  4. Thanks for the advice
  5. For info: The RLC Museum and shop are in Deepcut.
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  6. Lol - it's funny coz it's true! but to be fair the storeman who carry the most beef are always the infantry types - fair point well made :pirat:
  7. Here's one I bought at the Corps Open day last year

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  8. I'll ask publicly at the risk of ridicule.

    I did some things with 321 in NI and have a plaque from them and I was a No 2 for a couple of years out of JHQ when we had an extension of 'the troubles' to BAOR. Is there anywhere I can get one of the Felix/EOD Challenge Coins - other than ebay. Living in septicland most of the ex-military I meet and know here have old unit coins, to be honest my stacked blankets and crossed brooms coin does'nt do it.