RLC Women Officer trying P Coy

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mike_2817, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. Came off a run on the first day, got binned on a tab day three, must have had another binning, either another run or in gym, got binned yesterday, didnt even finnish beat up!!!!
  2. Don't know, but the photo in the paper suggests the milling may serve to enhance her "beauty"!
  3. Either she was not ready for P Coy, in which case 13 AA should have advised her, or perhaps as with other candidates in the past she trained to hard!


  4. Better that she swaps her boots for a pair of snub nosed slippers!!
  5. Does this mean that "Milling" will be renamed "Bitch Slapping"?
  6. Thanks for the idea Thing. Might do selection in memory of my Grandfather, he was a miserable so and so and being welsh he hated the English :0) This may be a bit of revenge for me lol

    So who do I have to sleep with to get on the course?