Discussion in 'RLC' started by shootingchef388, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. OK ladies and gents,

    Heres the sketch:

    07 Dec 07

    CO MR * well done you've been selected for promotion to WO1.

    Mr * 'Blimey' 'how the Fu*& did that happen tut tut thats not in the plan at all.

    CO well Mr * you better get some mess dress then hadn't you

    Mr * 'blimey (again) not in the plan at all!!!!!!

    So folks does any one know where I can get or indeed have a set of RLC mess dress for a WO1 to fit some one (that would be me) 6ft tall 30 inch inside leg 36 inch waist 40-42 inch chest (depends on the pies)

    Only got two years left and so really do not want to buy a new set, and i am tighter than a ducks ARRSE.

    Stay Safe

  2. Don't buy one then.

    If you have only 2 years left and are not chasing a commision, what is the point of pandering to other peoples whims?

    You're also at the top of the tree, so who is going to say anything.

    I don't think it is worth the money when you will probably only wear it half a dozen times at best.
  3. If you're not based in the fatherland, get a mate to keep an eye in sixthsense newspaper, there's been a few sets in there lately.
  4. Go in service dress....I would pay to see that, mega funny if your the unit razman!
  5. I can certainly vouch for his shrewdness when it comes to dosh!! :roll: Do yourself a favour matey, dont waste your money. As has been rightly said, you've reached the top of the tree anyway. In addition, you are not going to be working at RD and will spend most of your time with the TA.

    Hope you are well.......... a few days left! C U next week :D
  6. Some one must have had a brain fart to promote you SC!!!! Congrats mate.
  7. Well done on the promotion but with two years left don't bother with the orifice mess kit. It isn't a requirement.
  8. Check your PM's shootingchef388
  9. Does the tailor at Deepcut still have the second hand shop out the back?

    If not there is always waltbay! :)
  10. Apart from my sense of fiscal awareness being very acute (many thanks SeahorseSpanner!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    And Strima clearly knowing who I am but me still guessing who they are, I draw the conclusion that the big badge is going on the old mess dress and the piss taking at the WO's convention and Foody WO dinner night may begin and frankly I couldn't give a rats ARRSE.

    Thanks for the input gents.

  11. Shootingchef388 as I Said before look at you PM's
  12. Got an RCT one at a good price and just think of the fantasy you could share with the good lady! :twisted:
  13. Jesus that took a long time! Quiet mess is it?
  14. PMSL yes very... :D
  15. Could try through the Officers shop, based at the museum, Deepcut. on

    01252 833484

    or even try the Tailors in Aldershot, by the churches, Glovers.

    01252 323975

    Both ten to have second hand in there.

    Alternatively it might be worth a chance trying the QM Dept in Deepcut, they had some second hand kit around during my time.