RLC WO1 Convention Cancelled

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BigRed, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Hard to believe we are now at a point where we can no longer afford to hold this kind of forum.

    Whether you view it as a chance to have a bit of interaction with DRLC and see what is going to happen direct from the horses mouth (so to speak) or one of the few chances to have all trades together discussing what is happening in the RLC today tis a sad day for the Corps.

    Doesn't save cash either as half those that would have attended will now have to travel to DRLC for interviews, sure the owner of the Lakeside will be happy though! :roll:
  2. This would have been prime time for DRLC to listen to his WO1s. The annoying thing is that the TA WOs Conference is still on!!!! :x
  3. You honestly think DRLC listens....

    FOOL........!!!! :)
  4. The RLC WO1 convention is an excuse for a p*** up. It is also a chance for those WO1's desperately seeking a commission to suck up to the DRLC. Some also said that the other trades can get together and discuss what is happening in the Corps. What an absolute load of poppycock. The conventions I attended, there was always a large few who got absolutely plastered and then wanted to fight each other or slag each other off. Great that it has been cancelled.

    If 100 WO1's do not attend this wasting two or three whole working days, then there is a masive saving in resources and money. Lets face it what is actually like to be achieved in real terms and or Military terms.

    My advice to all RLC WO1's is get some work done your journey is on going, you still have not arrived.
  5. My advice to you is, "P*ss off you pompus prick."
  6. Ooh, someone's tired!
  7. I expect the real reason it was cancelled is that there are now so many RLC WO1s, they couldn't find a big enough venue...I'll get my coat backloaded thank you...
  8. It always was a bit tiresome the WO1s disappearing from the Regt for 2-3 days then re-appearing with a hangover. The SSMs used to roll their eyes in amusement. Yet there did not seem to be much in the way of deliverables from these conferences. Many of those that set the conditions for the demise of this event are now Officers or retired so I do feel a little sorry that future WO1s will not enjoy this piss-up, re-union, mutual appreciation and opportunity to aire views. Perhaps it could be re-invented with a more robust Terms of Reference so that it delivers more value for time & money. Corps RSM; maybe you could spend the extra couple of days at work coming up with a new plan!


    That was an impressive teddy-throwing moment you had back there.
  9. Teddy in the corner :)

    Unfortunately, my tolerance of sanctimonious git's is inversely proportional to the length of my remaining Colour Service.

    If people are so worried about saving money then surely there are better targets, perhaps the Ski championships? Oh sorry that's a piss up for a select few, with a thin smattering of oiks to give it the air of legitimacy,

    So that's safe then.
  10. Look I have been to those conventions in the past, I agreed then and fortunately had to experiance it to find out that it is a waste of a valuable regimental resource.

    Not to mention the amount of time the CRSM has to spend organising it.

    The lucky lads and lasses called upon to set up and provide free waiter-ing support the list goes on.

    Dare I say it, the risk of a few very serious residual alcohol drunk drivers, of very senior appointments the next day.

    Prick maybe pompous no. Does sound that you feel you might be missing out, there will be other times you can drink with the Director.

    Onwards an upwards
  11. The observation and accusation of "pomposity", was in direct relation to the quoted portion of your post. The section which belittle's the appointment of WO1 as nothing more than a stepping stone on the way to an LE Commision.

    As for drinking with the Director, no thanks, I have work to do;)
  12. Longbow - Bugger off back to the rock you crawled out from underneath. Or or just edit your post to read "Interesting", like the rest of your post's to date.

    Tedious cnut.
  13. There is no shame in going on the piss with your peer group. Was there ever a tangible product of these conventions? ie Did they change anything for the better.
  14. And what is so wrong with that? The Army takes itself far too seriously nowadays and above all is far too busy. Good to see the WO1s haven't lost the plot completely and can still take time out to enjoy themselves.

    Haven't met many desperate WO1s in my time but I have met many who are keen to showcase their ability past the 22 year point, and commissioning is one way to achieve this. The Versatile Engagement may now allow other equally talented WO1s, who have no desire to be commissioned, to continue to contribute to the Army.

    In addition, talking to DRLC is not 'sucking up' - it is plain good manners.

    A useful safety valve to let off steam. If you believe that anybody is perfect all of the time then you have been labouring under quite a significant misapprehension.

    A few thousand quid is hardly massive and I'm afraid my old son that benefits are not always measurable in £sd. Think about morale, recognition for the achievement of reaching WO1, the chance to tell DRLC what is wrong, networking, and above all having fun.

    And my advice to you, Big Bad Un, is to get off your high horse and support your colleagues a little better instead of ranting about their perceived faults.