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Hi All,

I'm in the process of rejoining, and have been offered a role within the RLC, VSS specifically. I was just wondering apart from the obvious Marchwood posting what else was out there posting wise for the VSS role?

Thank you all
Currently living in Canada and would love to stay here until citizenship but I'll get what I'm given.
My understanding is that VSS personnel are currently being assigned to the TLR's also. Not sure on the numbers in each, but men and woman are definitely moving in to them.

There are also opportunities in Cyprus, Germany and in Ashchurch I believe. If you go to Marchwood, be prepared to go all over the place on PTG's and other tasking's ( Emden, Falklands, BATUS, etc).
ok thank you so chippenham, Aldershot, marchwood and then hopefully somewhere sunny haha
Postings to TLRs have opened,
10, 6 and 7 regt theres only a few people posted at the TLRs at the moment as theyre still trying to find a job for us.

Marchwood is where all the PTG's come up and all the buckshee taskings are.

Other postings are, Germany, Canada, and Cyprus. Falklands is 6month, which rumour has it theyre trying to lower to 4months to shaft people off RnR probably
Moving the lads to TLRs is a massive **** up and the trade WOs should be fighting this tooth and nail. Competency and currencies will be very difficult to maintain and will impact upon operational deployments.
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