Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by devil62, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. The RLC is nuthing but bloody driving for a trade. -1
    The RE gives a wide variety of trades that can be used in civi street. +1

    any1 4 anymore???
  2. both remf`s
  3. what corp u in den?
    Don't dis the RE cause it is the oldest corp in the army to date an most other corps came from them.
  4. Good God! We have yoof scum in the camp RSM... Who is Den by the way?

    This must be an attempt at a wah :roll:

  5. yes, kind of like chimpy, only not funny.
  6. yes that was funny....... NOT.

    The future is not so bright for young squaddies with the RSM on the prowl.
  7. REME wins hands down, tell me honestly you dont want to get a civi recognised qualification for when you cant hack the day to day life of the army.
  8. Only three dots in an ellipsis...

    Although a (I assume) Wedge that can write is pretty rare - even if you are a cnut!
  9. Cheers for that aligned and informative answer. It is obvious that your wealth of experience and understanding gained from current operations has really shone through. Now feck orf and do your homework cnut face.
    Back the job in hand.

    Seems the both of you Chavs are aligning yourselfs with the RE. If indeed your are Wedgeheads, I hope some more enlightened members of your esteemed Corp give you a nice dosage of carrying handle rash as soon as possible.
  10. Couldn't agree more. I was just about to launch into some mega-bite in response to the amoeba brained cretin but you beat me to it and with considerably less profanity. :) :) :)
  11. This looks like it could be fun. Most of the RE r touph and rouph for what they do, but the side im on is the shiney arse trade and proud of it. Geo all the way u sad mo fo's.
  12. RLC - blanket stacker, slop jocky or donkey walloper
    RE- artisan trades, combat engineer, fitters and the list goes on
  13. If you think RE are remfs you are obviously not in the Army yourself or you haven't done a tour because I am can guarantee anyone thats been on any tour of late will not agree with you. C0ck
  14. Glad to see you know how to spell Geo properly, oh hang on you don't. Nice one thicket a fine advertisement for the Corps.
  15. Wouldnt slag the slop jockeys off......they have the final say on what goes in your scran.......lol could be anything in it....keep them on side i say :)