RLC vs Intell vs AGC (SPS)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by sensiblecj, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. sensiblecj

    sensiblecj Crow

    Hey everybody, I’ve got a difficult decision to make and I was wondering if I could get any inside information. Basically I’m going for AOSB in June but I’m still not sure what cap badge to go for. I’ve boiled it down to these three:

    1. Royal logistics Corps

    2. Military Intelligence section commander

    3. Adjutant General’s Corps Detachment commander

    I was wondering if anybody serving with any of these could answer some questions that the army don’t directly give out.

    1. How fast is promotion generally in this role (for arguments sake let’s just say I’m a hardworking, determined person)?

    2. The reality of how much time in the field (and out of the office or warehouse) I’m actually going get?

    3. How enjoyable do you as a serving officer find the role?

    Any inside info would be greatly appriciated :D
  2. (DISCLAIMER - I'm not commissioned, just offering a view from the coalface)

    All the AGC Det Comds I have known have been used as pretty much the unit Bitch. Every little crappy job that comes along goes to the Det Comd.


    Do you want to join the army, you don’t make it clear from any of your job choices :D
  4. sensiblecj

    sensiblecj Crow

    Have you got any examples of these crappy jobs???
  5. sensiblecj

    sensiblecj Crow

    Hahahaha, yes I want to join the army. I’m one of these weird people who actually enjoys logistics and support.
  6. Is your name Norman? Do you enjoy a comfortable pair of slacks?
  7. sensiblecj

    sensiblecj Crow

    Hahahaha.....Yeh sure, why not!
  8. soldier20201

    soldier20201 Swinger

    What is your degree in??
  9. sensiblecj

    sensiblecj Crow

    My degree is in robotics (no laughing), but ive got very little interest in it.
  10. Shifty17

    Shifty17 Old-Salt

    Surely the best way to formulate an impression of these cap-badges and the type of roles you'll be performing as a young officer in them is to convey your interests on to your ACA who can them put you in touch with them. From there you can arrange some fam. visits to give you an insight.

  11. I'm not surprised, that crazy street dancing went out years ago.
  12. Dettingen

    Dettingen Old-Salt

    I'm not that neutral but my views on the 3:

    RLC. Relatively easy to join. A broad church - its not a matter of your face fitting. Lots of different types and location of postings. Best for time in command or at a regiment.

    Int Corps. Quite specialised and small. Lots of opportunitites to ply your trade for real in Afghanistan. Seen as credible in the wider army (as it is a Combat Support arm).

    SPS. Real time job 365, 24/7. Weakest for time at a regiment (no company commands as such). Nearly always attached to other arms of the army (both a plus and minus I guess). Note that the RLC have had several transerees from SPS over the years.

    Promotion for all about the same as officer promotion has a common set of rules. PM me if you want more info.
  13. Major_Clanger

    Major_Clanger Old-Salt

    sensiblecj, suggest you go on some visits before Main Board.... might clear up a few things for you. And Legs you have it right about Det Comds, I don't envy them at all.
  14. You need to go on potential officer visits to each of these corps (and any other you are interested in) so that you can see for yourself and speak to young officers from those corps face to face. Your army careers adviser will be able to set these up for you. It may have changed since my day, but when I joined you needed to be "sponsored" by a regiment or corps to go to RCB (now AOSB). Sponsorship was only awarded after a visit to that regiment or corps (provided they wanted you as an officer).

    You should be able to go on as many potential officer visits to as many different regiments and corps as you like, so the three corps you mention shouldn't be a problem.