RLC units and units with RLC attached in Scotland

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brettarider, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Moving back to Scotland so intend to transfer up there apart from Scottish transport reg anyone list other units out there pref on the Glasgow/west coast side. I did have a look at the Scottish transport website for local TAC but no contact numbers/details of drill night on the web page
  2. Check PMs
  3. STR prade on Wednesday nights

    locations - HQ , Elgin st Dunfermline tel 01383722814
    527 Sqn Elgin st Dunfermline tel 0138723615
    221 Sqn 84 Clydsmill drive Glasgow tel 01416419593
    230 Sqn 126 Alnwickhill rd Edinburgh tel 01316643454
    251 Sqn Corsehill dr Dreghorn Irvine tel 01294211963

    also not part of STR but are RLC
    125 Ration Sqn , Carmunnock rd Glasgow tel 01416374460

    and there 's a medical unit at Dundee who have a field Amb Sqn at Glenrothes used to be 231 Sqn before the last load of cuts and reshufels

    Hope this is of some use!
  4. Cheers everyone transfers in and hoping to join 251 Sqn shortly