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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Shiney_Arse, Jan 18, 2003.

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  1. Which is the shittiest posting, 1,2,3,4 or 9?
  2. and let us not forget 6
  3. Some of our finest soldiers happen to be black you tosser.  And there are some fine ones in the RLC so I suggest you change your quote !  :mad:
  4. Agreed. Sort it by close of play tomorrow or I will.
  5. ? ???????????????? ??????????????
    I am confused what did he say?
  6. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Offensive signature...... modified by me...
  7. ...at my request.
  8. Yeah, well, er :-[....back to the original question...er..whadya mean nutsiest? ???  

    All have much to offer...but take yer lead from the top man at the time and don't be going to work fer a plonker!  Personally, I prefer the Germany based Regiments as I find my conscience won't allow me to accept a full wage packet for only working from NAAFI break on a Monday until lunchtime Friday...but each to their own.. :-/
  9. They all seem to be pretty crap.
  10. Wherever shiny arrse is, has been, or is sure to go. knob
  11. The units as good as you make it as the saying goes

    "If you build it they will come"

    I never had a complaint when I ran a Squadron...Its all about attitude and ability.

    Have a good attitude and bags of ability and everywhere is brilliant
  12. No its not! You make it sound like a caravaning holiday with your parents. Units are made or broken by a number of key personalities and they are dictated by DRLC / God. If a Unit is pump there is very little that most individuals can do except weather it out until people get posted!
  13. Mate Ive heard you drip about the corp mag and drip about the units being shite, Are you one of those guys who when you first meet them on posting in instantly say something like "posted in unlucky" "its shit here" etc, If its **** and you dont like it get out.

    Some people let it happen, some people make it happen......make it happen dude

    And records post people in and out and beleive me soldiers make units not personalities
  14. I'd never say anything that trite! I mean I'm glad it works for you: yoga, meditation....the Aitkins diet! I'm just not that blinkered to the reality of how crap things are Corps wide. I mean I know that to be like Linford you have to think like Linford, but no amount of PMA is going to alleviate how threaders I, like a lot of people, am at the moment.

    Its my experience that people who dispense with rhetoric similar to yours tend to be part of the problem not part of the solution because they are so dismissive of any thing that is negative that nothing is every addressed.

    Its never an issue about how shite things are, what leads to dripping is how much better it could be, or how with a minimum amount of thought and effort things could be improved.

    I reserve my right to drip about the Corps rag (although it has gotten better recently) because the Sustainer represents the fundamental show over substance that we seem to plumb for as an organisation. Everything seems to be geared towards getting promoted, getting an MBE and securing that LE commision. There is no longer any requirement to be in touch with the lads below you, but to be in touch with the people above and frankly your "make it happen dude" make it sound like you fall into the latter category.

    ........and as for "If you don't like it get out" well thats the battle cry of the complete ******.
  15. It's not the unit or location but the personalities running the place, one of the best units I was ever at was in the middle of Normandy Barracks in Sennelager (3 Tk Tptr Sqn RCT\RLC) but the people there made it a top posting. I was in a unit in Bulford which went from being a place where every worked 7 days a week on the road, for months on end and everyone loving every minute of it to have it turn into hell on earth just because the OC changed.
    Sometimes it does not help when hopeless idiots get promoted and posted to spread their particular brand of nastyness to a wider audience though.