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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Don Carlo, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Mate of mine had a brief in Hohne last week on numbers for Tranche 3 and it goes a little something like this; Drivers: 1500 bods approx., Chefs: 1500 bods approx., Pioneers: all of them, Posties: 190 bods, Movers, suppliers and ammo techs are all safe. Anyone who is MND or MLD are getting binned. Merry Christmas!!!
  2. who was briefing him, Billy Liar or a bloke in a pub??

    I'd be surprised if we had 1500 chefs in the army?
  3. It was a full colonel and a WO1. The tranche is out on 11 Jan.
  4. Wot he said.
  5. Some other points to note; Being on tour does not protect you anymore unless you are infantry and there are 2 tranches in 2013!
  6. The col was Mystic Meg and the WO1 was Russell Grant ^~
  7. what if you're infantry but in a Log job?
  8. What do you think? Your cap badge and trade are what the redundancy is all about.
  9. i think you should read my comments in context with the post above, which said no exemptions for being on tour, unless you're infantry- hence my question, are you exempt if you're infantry but in a HR/Log job etc?
  10. And the fact that the OP is talking complete bollox ^~
  11. that too, obviously
  12. The OP is talking bollix. No numbers or trade groups have been released by the Redundancy Cell at APC and if some hiheedjin from RLC is briefing specifics at this stage they are both guessing and likely to get a one-way interview with someone higher up their CoC.
  13. These guys were from the redundancy cell, they were going round Germany giving this brief last week. I don't really give a **** if people believe it or not but will accept all your apologies on the 11th Jan when Im proved right!
  14. Not sure about the numbers but the gist is correct. If what I heard is correct then they will be accepting applications from nearly everyone but anyone due out before 31 May 15 won't be accepted. Movers are also on the list.