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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Desborough, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. HI Gents.

    Thaught the best place to ask my question would be here.

    I'm transferin from T.A (Artillery) to regs ASAP. My 203 docs have already been sent forward. Im only on weekend 4 of the T.A Because they cut it down to 1 training weekend a MONTH :x Anyway i want to be in full time because i enjoy it so much.

    Ive already done my barb and i want to go for either RLC Air dispatcher OR RLC Driver.
    What i want to know is whats my run times for these chosen trades. i can do my 1.5 in 11:30Mins to 12:00-MINS

    Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Again
    Desborough :D
  2. Too slow. 10:30 is min for PFA for under 30s (assuming you are under 30).

    Edited to get rid of the pointless quote of the above post!
  3. What do you need to run for if your going to be driving a truck :p ?
  4. Everyone starts as a soldier lol. ;)

    Cheers walt*

    I have a training program in place at the moment.
    I am running 1.5 milers everyday bar sunday
    and a saturday im doing a 2.4 miler
    and once a week im doing a 5 mile job/run. hopefully building to a continuous run.
    Im hoping this is sufficient to get my time down.
  5. Wrong training to get your time down. I would say you need to be able to run 4 miles without stopping as a base rule.
    To speed up your 1.5 mile time you need to do fartleg training.
    Ie. break the 1.5 down into 1/3 so running 0.5 miles in 3 minutes have a jog and repeat, do this 3 times. Each time you do the set of 3 try to lower the time it takes you to cover each 0.5 mile.

    Also when out on your long runs try sprinting between lamposts. Run then sprint, run sprint etc. This will help with overall running speed.

    Remember to run faster you dont increase your stride length you increase the ammount of steps you are taking. Try this and you will see what i mean, it matters more as you get tired.

    Hope that helps.
  6. Cheers walt. ill try the new technique of more steps rather than bigger strides.

    Ill ammend my program and let you know how i get on.

    thanks again.

    One more question.

    Is it just a case of doing sets with pressups and situps to increase my overall max?

    Desborough :D
  7. Air Despatch has a selection process so the minimum will not be good enough as competition for course places is high so don’t bother if you can only scrape by. If you do apply make sure you can spell Air Despatch as well
  8. Yes, fartleg trg will help. Especially if you drop into your local mosque and squeeze out a ripper, that sounds like a duck getting fucked by a rhino, during prayers on a Friday. It should get your run time down dramaticaly.

    Fartlek on the other hand will improve your capacity to work harder for longer and tends to take you into an an-aerobic trg zone so not much cop for fat burning.

    I am assuming you are a great big pudding because your run time is very slow.
  9. Haha classic.
    Wouldn't say a great big pudding. but on the larger side. 13 stone to be abit more accurate.
    Just havnt done alot of CV work in my time.
  10. Cheers BPS666, every day is a school day. I still prefer my spelling :D

    Des, if you havent done much cardio then you have some catching up to do. As well as running you can try cycling and swimming to help get your base cardio up. It also helps provide an out to the boredom that most non runners tend to suffer from.
    If your 13 stone mate no offence but you need to shed a bit. I dont know how tall you are but your BMI is probably quite high, that means long distance (fat burning) runs are going to be a must.

    As with press ups and sit ups.
    Personally I do them every night, and before any run. Try and see how many of each you can do in 2 mins, make sure you use the correct technique look on army web site for ref.
    Then break a slightly larger number into sets of 10 and complete each night.

    Do you eat breakfast ? What sort of things are you eating for dinner ?