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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. The tagline for the RLC board, as you are all no doubt aware is:

    “Manned by people who got excited when they saw the video of DROPS in action. What more can I say?”

    Now not only is that pretty lame but considering that the board membership is about 80% AT / Ex RAOC it doesn’t seem that fitting. Does anyone have any better ideas? I wonder Melchy if we got some mildly self depreciating, ironic and witty suggestions if we could change it?

    Personally I like the by-line on the bottom of Pith_Dorf’s posts:

    “Join the RLC, travel the world and sweep the f*ck*r!!!!”
  2. How about, "Manned by people, 20% of whom got excited when they saw the video of DROPS in action."

    Or am I missing the point :lol:
  3. The tagline reflects how many ex RCT are now 1 star in comparision to their compatriots.

    Anyway, it is obvious you ATO chaps don't have enough to do!
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Hmmmmmm. I'll make enquiries.
  5. How about;

    Manned by people who got excited when they saw the video of some blankets getting counted. What more can I say?

    That should keep the other 20% happy still :)
  6. How about:

    "You want what?! When?!! Where?!!!!!!!! Mmmphfffff Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" etc
  7. How about: a Corp so busy with LSTIs it could logis enough beer for a p1ss up
  8. What about - The RLC Forum - 'Home to much whining and little constructive debate? Want a well thought out argument? You are in the wrong place.
  9. OK, I'll challenge you! Come up with an amusing, complimentary thread.

    Ball's in your court. (My tea is a salad (wahh). FAS will be fufilled. Just around the next corner etc etc)
  10. How about "a group of disfunctional REMF's who hate each other, but were forced into a loose association for the sake of the higher political ambitions of some unknown, remote, arm-chair bound, military, bean counter.
  11. Quite like that one but it could be extended

    "We sustain, you complain, then we complain more!"
  12. Really think we need to change the tagline!

    "We sustain, you complain, then we complain more!"

    Not bad think we could do better tho.
  13. RLC

    "We SpunkStain"

    "Tua Tela Tonanti" - We Hate Drivers
  14. How about .........

    RLC - Full of ugly beanflickers who smell of piss and twiglets?

    No? I guess I'm on my own then.........

  15. You can't tar all the officers in one Corps with that big brush!