Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Redshaggydog, May 11, 2004.

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  1. It may be me, I might have missed something in my years serving with the Corps but when did the RLC start taking on so many of our roles?

    I thought they were drivers, stacker etc for the most part.

    We could close the whole of the Corps down and go and do something better instead!
  2. You will find that the Applications Specialists course and Bowman System Managers (BSM) courses are across the board. Would you expect us (Royal Signals) to be able to manage ALL the proposed BOWMAN deployment across the board? I don't think so. Although RLC individuals are BSM trained, they would not take over roles such as bearer systems etc.
  3. IF you think the RLC (or anyone else for that matter!!) will EVER go on exercise with BOWMAN without Royal Signals imput you are having a laugh believe me.

    BSM (Unit) is across the Army (RSWO level) and BSM (Formation) is predominatley R.Signals (Div/Bde YofS). App Specs are E2 Posts at Formation level (i.e. open to all cap badges) and E1 in unit (found from within own resources).

    The orignal postee (is that a real word??) makes a good point about Regimental Signallers jobs about to get 10 times more difficult though!
  4. The main input will be once a Unit BSM has put his/her plan together the Formation BSM will allocate the BKVMS part to the plan. Correct me if I am wrong but at present with Clansman we already get input from the Royal signals in the form of Crypto and Freq issues?
  5. Strenght5 (Like it!) you are correct on the theory side of Bowman Planning in that the BSM (F) will allocate freq and crypto, but practically its more than that (not going to go into the specifics on the internet for obvious reasons) :wink:

    True in Clansman days, freqs and crypto were through Formation but only for secure nets/and or good old Batco if required. The RSO/RSWO could always do insecure trg without involving the formation (going direct to reqional freq managers for freqs)

    All nets are secure now and cannot be operated in any mode (less Fixed Freq insecure) without BKVMS intervention, therefore everytime a unit wants to use Bowman on any ex the formation is now involved. Lots more work for the Formation BSM! :(
  6. Zorro, I fully agree with you, given time I am sure library plans will be formed for trg purposes and the further down the road we go the easier it will become. A certainty is that is is going to be harder at all levels than it is with Clansman.

    No more back of a fag packet for anybody, Royal Signals included!