RLC TA with a SAS badge

What colours the cookhouse then?
futurebootie said:
What colours the cookhouse then?
Same as my vomit. Every time I see something like this I think 'They can only be taking the piss, they can't possibly be serious'

But they are, they are...
Track_Link said:
tiny_recy_mac said:
can someone post a pic the internet nazis wont let me on bebo :(
There you go
I can't help wondering how that photo came about. Did some Swedish PR officer sit bolt upright in bed at 0200 and shout 'Eureka! Mongs in uniform! Saluting! Recruiting goldmine!'
RLC = Restricted Learning Capabilities !

while were on the subject of what RLC really does stand for.
here you go.

Retards Last Chance
Really Lazy Corp
Really Large Corp
Reme Luggage Carriers
Retards Learning Centre
Round Looking Chefs or Retarded Looking Chefs....which ever fits.
Re living Childhood

Another one i heard was,
oh i used to be in the RLC before i was a craftsman in the REME......
i was a SSGT and got promoted. :D :D :D
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