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Hi all, I am taking the plunge and joining the TA, however I've got a few questions I hope you can help me on:1) What do the RLC get up to one weekends, I've had a look on the Army website at the regiment that I wish to join but it doesn't say what they do on weekends? 2) What specialisations are available other than driver? Appreciate this may vary from squadron to squadron etc but I'm not that fussed about being a driver. I've got a meeting this week to go to the squadron so I'm going to ask there but also thought I'd get the opinions from people on here.Cheers
RLC are in many regiments, chefs, radio operator/driver, driver, ambulance driver, ships crew (I think), ammo techs, etc
Yes but it depends on which unit you join, guessing your looking at a transport regiment and so most roles will be driver
depends on the unit you are joining The National RLC TA at Grantham have pioneer(for now) laundry, supply, ammo tech, chef, driver, Comms Spec, Port and maritme stuff and reme and agc attached to most of them.
If its a Regional unit they are mostly transport so have Drivers, Comms spec, chefs, reme and agc trades
I think RLC TA differs only in that Regular RLC spend Monday to Friday avoiding work, whereas Volunteer RLC avoid work at the weekends
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