RLC TA Officer training unit, Grantham?

Hi chaps,

At RCB about 6 months ago I met someone who strongly recommended the TA RLC 'officer holding/training unit' (or some such) at Grantham. I think it was a specialist unit, in terms of training commitment.

Now i've decided not to (try to) join the regs, the above unit sounds appealing- does anyone know whom I should contact? The RLC website is confusing/poorly laid out and an online interest form I filled in has garnered no response.

Also, would having already attended/passed Regular RCB Briefing (as then was) mean I don't have to do it again for the TA but could go straight to main board after all the TAFS stuff?




If you have done Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) (formerly known as RCB) Regular or TA briefing you dont have to do it again.

A regular briefing pass now counts as a TA one and vice versa.

Have a look at the AOSB website for more info.
Thanks for info!

Does anyone else have good things to say about the Grantham OTU thingy? Are there lots of courses to go on, eg?
I think you must be talking about the 49 Bde RTC in which case you will need to join a TA Unit first and then complete your Officer Training with them. None of the RTCs are cap-badge specific though so Grantham may not be your only option.

Best bet is to use this link TA UNIT NEAR YOU to find your closest unit and ask them about TA Officer training.

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