RLC TA Grantham - Ammunition Specialist

Ahhh.. Yet another time I'm asking about how to go about doing x; rather than actually going off and doing it! Perhaps this time I'll actually manage it though!

Right guys, I was going to try and join the local R SIGNALS when I had another look at the recruiting website and noted the Ammunition Specialist role. Just wondering if anyone had any decent information on this? As much as the website gives a good profile - perhaps some advice from people in the role? Or who have worked with them?

I've tried to ring the number that I keep seeing quoted for RLC Grantham - but it always appears to ring off and leave an answer machine. In office hours and out. Should I just go down to my ACIO then? I assume you go through the ACIO to join a national unit?

Cheers guys!
Granthamised again... :evil:

The unit you are looking for is 531 Ammo Tech Sqn, part of 166 Regiment..

Check your PMs...!
Sorry for the double post guys!

I'm guessing on top of the BARB test, there'll also be a board similar for the regular AT post? I noticed the Job Profile also said "No Qualifications Required" - just wondering if anybody knew how they assessed you then? I understand theres a lot more to a persons potential/intelligence than whats written down on their exam results though!

Just a bit curious about the application process! I guess I'll also have to ask when I ring up!

I did my selection weekend at Grantham recently. Did a BARB test, various team building exercises (get across a "minefield" using some planks, barrels and a dead badger etc), 1.5 mile run, medical, gym tests, chucked a practice grenade, got some trade briefings etc.

I know the BARB test results are important for choice of trade, as is not being colour blind (one of the guys on my course was a bit iffy with this so was restricted on his choice of trades) but guys were changing their minds about what to go for. I'm guessing you could sign up for whatever they had vacancies for.

This probably won't come as a surprise but the stuff in the shiny brochure was not always the same as the description given by the guys at Grantham....Didn't stop me signing up, though!
There is a lot of misinformation still kicking around about the Ammo Spec trade. The only real limitation is the GTI/BARB score of 58, which is high but not impossible...

There is no board, although you may get looked at during selection.

Promotion to Cpl should be fairly rapid, but you will not get past SSgt unless you can hack it...
Too much information son... :roll:
Right; Got an application pack in the post.. On a CD apparently!

The guy I wanted to speak too wasn't in till today, but I was told to ring tomorrow. So I'll try and query him and get a few things worked out first of all!

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