RLC TA..fitness and age questions

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by slick, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere chaps. I sent off for a TA cd basically because I can`t resist getting anything for free. I received one in the post for the RLC TA and curiosity got the better of me.... I`m a mechanic by trade, done a bit of reccy work but nothing on heavies. After getting banned I`m finding it hard to get employment in the spanners field. It states max age of 40 but I`m 43, I presume the recruiting Sergeant actually looked at my date of birth and they may be flexible. If so, what initial fitness requirements should I be looking at. I can probably nip out right now and do a 1.5 miler in about 13-14 minutes, probably bring it down a bit if I cut down on the tabs. I recently did a 6 mile walk with my grandaughter stuck on my back in a papoose thing, not sure what she weighs though. I can only do about 10 push ups, probably a similar amount of pull ups, about 20 sit ups, but I can`t swim for s hit...maybe do a width of a pool then I sink. Also as the depot is about 300 miles away would I get travel expenses for journeys to selection and basic etc.
    Thanks in advance for any help :D
  2. Erm, I don't trust ur post.
  3. If you have previous military experience, then the age thing can be waved (within reason). Your phys is probably at about the right levels for someone your age. You'll need to work on the press ups and sit ups a bit. The requirements are in the FAQ under the MATT for fitness.

    My main concern (if I was recruiting you) would be what you mean by banned? Banned from driving, or for turning spanners?

    Best bet is to give the unit a call and arrange a meet. We can only speculate and offer "what we would do" opinions.

    Good luck either way.
  4. This must be a wah, his ID is two years old!
  5. Not sure what you mean by that?

    Banned from driving, got caught by four cameras in a year. Thanks for the rest of the info :D

    You lot sure are suspicious. I happened across the site two years ago because my son is based in Germany and I was looking for sites to do with the army at the time, since then I`ve stayed around because its fairly humorous.
  6. What is your past, have you previous military experience?

    I note that in a different thread you refer to being already turned away at 42 for the TA.
  7. No previous, and yes I did enquire earlier in the year to the REME TA because of my trade but got the door closed straight away because of my age. So when I received the CD I was surprised to see that the RLC take up to 40 years old (older if recruits have previous experience). I think my best bet is to give the recruiting Sergeant a ring. Thanks all. :)
  8. Just phoned my local Fd Hospital, 40yrs old 9 yrs service Ramc, no chance of joining, as the Capt there stated we do not take newbies over the age of 40.

  9. I think most Field Hospitals will have recruited someone over 40 fairly recently, but it will depend on your qualifications. Probably not much chance if you are an HCA or a CMT, but if you're a Consultant Surgeon or a Burns/Plastics nurse then the red carpet is out.