RLC TA ammo tech trade at Grantham

Discussion in 'RLC' started by PacMan, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi.....just wondering if there are any TA ammo techs in and whats it like? Apparently you dont need to be an ex regular to do this trade but wondered if it's difficut to get very far without prior experience. I dont do a technical job in everyday life so this would be really different and new and sounds interesting. Did well at science at school and have a degree (arts subject) so hopefully I have the ability to learn and be trained.
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    I'd take that with a very large pinch of salt if I were you. Unless it has changed recently then the party line was that no experience was required (to get you in) but after attestation it was revealed to be very much a no-no.

    This was two years ago but it was the experience of a couple of people who were at Grantham with me.
  3. Thanks.....I thought it might be difficult as it sounds like a very technical trade and not something you could just pick up over a few weekends. Am just worried I'd go through the application process and then get pushed into being one of the trades the army need most like driver or pioneer which is fine if thats what you want to do, but not what am looking for. Is supply specialist a good trade or movement controller? Can you recommend anything particularly?
    Many Thanks
  4. PacMan,

    There are no TA Ammunition Technicians, they are called Ammunition Specialists. This is because the TA does not have the time to train its personnel to the same standard as the Regulars. The TA Ammo Specs do not do all the tasks an Ammo Tech is capable of.

    There may be ex Regular Ammo Techs in the TA but they would not be employed in their old role.

    If you are not sure what trade to go for, get down to your local TA centre and have a nose around.

  5. Thank you. Any idea what sorts of things the ammunition specialist does, compared to the ammo tech in the regs?
    I have been to a couple of TA centers near where I live. My local is infantry which I didn't want to join. Not too sure about others further afield. Just thought it sounded like an interesting specialism and sounded interesting and joining a national unit I thought I might meet a bigger mix of people also.....any more advice/comments/info greatfully received.

    Thanks again
  6. PacMan

    Ammo Specs inspect, repair, maintain and store conventional munitions, Ammo Techs do that and much more.

  7. Do ammo specs do any of the IEDD work then?

    T C
  8. No!

  9. Does say on the RLC (TA) web site they still have to be psychologically tested as well though.....
  10. Thats because the RLC TA have to confirm that the individual is highly intelligent and totally lacking common sense. :)

    The Ammo Specs handle munitions so they are supposed to be relatively stable individuals.

    I have to admit that does not follow for all AT's out there.

  11. I think you'll find that AS's do CMD and Logistic Dems. but what's the "much more" bit then?
  12. IEDD, WIS, Guided Weapons, Non Conventional weapons disposal and some other stuff thats best not talked about.
  13. The general theme above is correct with regard to Ammunition Technicians in the Regular RLC and Ammunition Specialists in the RLC(V). What is confusing and misleading is the HQ RLC TA generated literature and web adverts. The written literature in the recruiting brochure entitled "Feeling Special?" refers to Ammunition Specialists and generally describes the trade correctly. Unfortunately, one of the supporting photographs show an IEDD Operator working in a Bomb Suit - something the AS will never wear and has not worn since the EOD Role was removed from the Sqn in 1999/2000 ish when we reroled from EOD Sqns to an Ammo Tech Sp Sqn. The error is made worse on the RLC TA Website which refers to "Ammunition Technicans" (see weblinkhttp://www2.army.mod.uk/temp/rlcta_old/trades/ammunition_technician.htm). The job role is correctly described but there is no reference to "Ammunition Specialists"!

    So PACMAN, if you are still interested in an interesting and challenging trade in the RLC and the exclusive opportunity to do and see things you'll never see or do as a civilian then Ammo Spec is for you! Alternatively, if you wish to go the whole hog and do IEDD and "the other bits" refered to by shiny arse above, then the Regular Army Trade of Ammunition Techncian should be your first choice, a trade that has kept me amused and entertained for 30 years now!

    To join the RLC TA as an Ammo Spec you do not need previous experience or to be employed in an Ammunition and Explosives environment. You are trained from scratch but do need a reasonable background in Science, Maths and English. Sqn members, both TA Trained and ex-Regualrs commonly go on operational tours and come back better and wiser Specialists which is advantageous to the Sqn, the individual and his/her employer, a fact that is often overlooked. So, if you are still awake and interested, PM me and i'll put you in touch with 531's recruiting and retention Warrant Officer. Failing that, take a trip to your nearest ACIO and specify you wish to enquire about Ammunition Specialists in the RLC TA or contact the Recruiting Team at HQ RLC TA, contact details on the website - http://www2.army.mod.uk/rlcta/enquiry_form/index.htm.

    Good luck.
  14. Sorry mate...


    There are ATs and ATOs in the TA. They are, at present, all ex-reg, however this may change...

    ATs in the TA are ATs, remain employable, and are employed in all the AT roles and tasks.

    As nationally recruited TA, volunteers do not normally have the time to follow the full AT training syllabus, and therefore the default training is as an Ammunition Specialist who concentrate on niche functions within the trade. This takes approximately eight years to reach Class 1, who at present concentrate on depot inspection and logistic demolitions.

    AS are however members of the Ammuniton Trade and have exposure to a wide spectrum of activities within the weapons and explosives field. A significant number of the members of the squadron are employed within the wider munitions community, and there are many opportunities for networking and cooperation.

    Roles and responsibilites are always changing and we never rule anything in or out...!
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Not forgetting civillians who have done the AT course due to being employed as civvie AE's then joining the TA and wearing the regular AT badge. Hmmmmmm